At Omsk hospital opened a rehabilitation center for children with extremely low birth weight

The Omsk maternity number one opened a rehabilitation center for children who were born with extremely low birth weight — 500 grams. Now, immediately after discharge from the ICU course of recovery toddlers will be held on the new equipment. It bought with the money allocated from the regional budget.

All of those wishing to get into a new rehabilitation center has painted for several months in advance. The number of babies born with extremely low birth weight, in Omsk is not reduced, but the conditions of their nursing and become better. Born, Daniel weighed just 1 kilogram 120 grams. Massa scored an incubator intensive care unit. Now the boy is six months. A few days ago, doctors prescribed a new procedure for the child — a dry immersion.

"The cot can effectively reduce the increased muscle tone, improves locomotor activity, improves the respiratory system, sucking", — explained the head of the department of physical therapy clinics center of Omsk neonatal hospital number 1 Catherine Kurmasheva.

For maximum effect, doctors recommend 7 to 15 procedures. Temperature pillows exposed for every little visitor individually from 36 to 40 degrees. Within bed thousands of small glass spheres consisting of calcium nitrate. Under the pressure of warm air all they rise up and create the effect of weightlessness, as if my mother’s womb, so you can treat extremely premature children.

In the near future doctors will be placed here soon after the baby incubators that are already gaining weight. Doctors say — the main advantage of the new rehabilitation center — a comprehensive treatment, dry immersion combined with another procedure — hydrokinesitherapy. A small bathing tub is designed for children under one year are simultaneous and whirlpool and relaxation of muscles.

"Our kids need not only medical treatment they need in a full range of rehabilitation", — explained the head of the Omsk advice clinic hospital neonatal center number 1 Irina Glushchenko. ->

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