At the airport Norilsk electronic guard accurately calculates the criminals in the crowd of passengers: 5 arrests per month

At the airport in the north of Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk region criminologists run-in with the success of the latest development. The scanner is connected to a police database, correctly identifies the passenger flow of criminals, ITAR-TASS reported, citing a Department of Transport Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Siberian Federal District (SFD) Timur Kurbangaleeva. During the month of unique scanner were caught several criminals.


Airport Norilsk "Alykel" first in the country has got the newest video system of domestic production, which in a real-time in a dense stream of air passengers criminals and citizens on the wanted list.

Hardware and software system developed by specialists from Ekaterinburg Company "ITC Profit." At the heart of the "electronic guardian" of the principle of biometric facial recognition rights. High Definition fixed object to 16 control points. With regard to the human face is quite the coincidence of six parameters to reliably ascertain the identity of the exterior. "The change in appearance — hair, beard, mustache, and scars or other signs of physical impact on the reliability of the results have absolutely no effect", — said Kurbangaleev.

If the person still image is already in the database operational accounting of the Interior, the system immediately alerts the operator and employees of the duty of the police.

Transport Police said that at present there are technical possibilities for the introduction of a new system of control in both large and small airports and train stations. But this requires a commitment on the part of not only the police but also the local authorities.

"For example, the launch hardware and software at the airport" Alykel "took place thanks to the active support of the administration of Norilsk," — said the head of the Interior Department of Transport for the SFO Arkady Ivanov.

Local authorities, realizing that the aircraft — this is the only mode of transport that allows you to keep in touch with the Russian regions have allocated for the purchase of new equipment 3,000,000 rubles. "But now we can safely say that in the most northern part of the territory served by the traffic police in Siberia, we have a reliable outpost", — concluded the head of the police department.

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