At the Izhora Pipe Plant install new equipment

On the "Izhora Pipe Plant" is installing the main equipment for the project "South Stream"

"Izhora Pipe Plant," one of the assets of "Severstal", located in St. Petersburg, began assembling the device that produces the adjustment of the oval pipes of large diameter, the so-called expander. Equipment worth more than 600 million, is installed under the actual implementation of the project "South Stream". New expander will increase the production of large diameter pipes, thus ensuring timely delivery of pipes for oil and gas pipelines. The manufacturer, who is also supplier of equipment — a Dutch firm "Fontijne Grotnes BV".
At the site "ITZ" Now the installation works on installation of basic equipment. After that, very soon, will be commissioning deovalizatora. This device is correct ovals pipe ends made now "NPO" St. Petersburg EC. "Running the equipment is scheduled for the autumn, time will coincide with major repairs.

Under the project "South Stream" at the Izhora Pipe installed in the spring finishing press by SMS Meer. With it comes release of small diameter pipes, thus having a greater thickness of the wall (special tubes for offshore gas pipelines). Assembly work involved experts "Severstal-Promservice" under the control of the manufacturer.

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