At the second stage of the production of PSV in Perm received the first ton of product

Perm, 05.05.2012.

Company — SIBUR
Plant capacity — 50 000 tonnes per year (second place)
Commissioning — Summer 2012


The cycle of launch operations at the second stage of the production of expandable polystyrene Alphapor successfully completed received the first batch of the product (the start of commissioning previously reported on the site). "We have successfully passed the" wet "phase of production and the drying phase of the product. Now we have to check the cardinality and quality characteristics" — said Deputy General Director for Production Marat ZARIPOV.

Recall that the official start of the 1st stage of expandable polystyrene production capacity of 50,000 tons per year was made at the end of 2010 (thelink). New product quality European production started for the first time on the territory of Russia, to the commissioning of capacities SIBUR the bulk of PSV were imported from Europe and Asia, including in the form of finished products.

To ensure a sufficient amount of new production of demineralized water at the plant investment project for the construction of the installation of demineralized water capacity of 200 cubic meters per hour cost of 177 million rubles. "Set to be launched in September, it will allow for the production of PSV amount of water needed to reach full capacity of 100,000 tons per year," — commented the head of the project office Alevtina Bormotova.

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