AvtoVAZ will upgrade the old and the new box designs


On the Volga plant will produce their automatic transmission. This is the director of mechanical assembly production enterprise Vladimir Bock. It is expected that the "machine" will equip all new models of Lada.

 According to Bocca, in 2013, the factory started the project to modernize the transmission to the index 2112 and its implementation based on the new five-speed gearbox 2180, according TLTnews.ru.

"Today is already contracting equipment, and at the end of year we will begin to enter machining centers for machining of crankcase details. Fully pre-production and a full transition to production of an updated transmission, we need to implement in the spring of 2014, "- said Vladimir Bock.

He noted that the gearbox 2180 has improved performance and can work with more powerful engines, due to the fact that it is able to transmit a more powerful torque.

"By the way, in the future, based on it, and we will be releasing an automated gearbox own production", — said Vladimir Bock.

Currently AvtoVAZ establishes a four automatic transmission model Lada Kalina and second-generation Lada Granta. They are paired with a 1.6-liter 16-valve engine VAZ-21126 (98 hp). Automatic Togliatti plant to supply the Japanese company Jatco, the Japanese partner Nissan.

Whether to use the expertise of Jatco or partners of the alliance Renault-Nissan to create a new automatic transmission, Mr Bock did not elaborate.


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