AZ Ural reported on the implementation of the State Defense Order

Director General of auto plant "Ural" "GAZ Group" Victor Korman attended the meeting to discuss the implementation of the State defense order and objectives for 2011, chaired by the Director of the Federal Service for Defense Contracts Alexander Sukhorukov. The event was attended by the heads of the defense-industrial complex of the Urals Federal District.

Car plant "Ural" carried the state order in 2010 the Ministry of Defence in full and on time. In the framework of the state defense order program of activities provided technical supervision of the state of armored military vehicles and automotive regional service centers automobile "URAL" performed repair and maintenance of automobiles in various military units. Works are carried out with the help of mobile outreach teams.

In addition, the auto plant "Ural" was created by Basic Car Centre, designed to work on pre-sales, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles Automobile specialists in hospital. Also, in order to increase the mobility of repair and service professionals army vehicles "Ural" have developed a mobile system for outreach activities in military units. Mobile complex includes three vehicles: a car of technical assistance, a car for transportation of spare parts, tents and various equipment, diagnostic car.

Cars "Ural" confirmed their indispensability for the army because of the unique advantages, among them — the high cross, the ability to overcome any obstacles, protection of the crew in combat conditions, ease of maintenance and price advantage over other domestic producers. Miass SUVs as adapted for use in the most demanding field conditions, where they successfully perform diverse tasks.

To meet the high demands of a modern army, automobile plant "Ural" is constantly engaged in purposeful work on the modernization of its range and meet the requirements of military customers, constantly improving the quality and performance characteristics of vehicles.

According to Mr. Corman, "The Ministry of Defence of Russia — the old and the most important strategic partner of the automobile" URAL "," Ministry of Defense, the customer dictates the technical and tactical characteristics. Military science in these matters is constantly advancing, and Automobile is one of the participants in the process of renovation equipment for the army. Today, on the instructions of the military department Automobile involved in the creation of a family of army trucks new generation "- said General Director of the Automobile" Ural ".

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