Ballistic missile Liner has been successfully tested

The next test launch of a ballistic missile sea "Liner" is completed. The missile was launched from a nuclear submarine of the Northern Fleet "Tula" from the Barents Sea.


At the time appointed head of the rocket reached the target area. During the preparation of the ship for a missile launch and during the shooting crew of the cruiser showed high professionalism and training, said the Office of the Press and Information of the Defense Ministry.

Sea-based ballistic missile "Liner" has similar flight characteristics with an intercontinental ballistic missile, "Blue," a considerable range and has better systems to overcome the boundaries of missile defense.

The missile "Liner" is able to deliver the goals to 12 warheads, twice the possibility of "Bulava". "Liner" by excellence surpasses all modern solid strategic missiles Britain, China, the U.S. and France, and in combat equipment (four blocks of middle-class power) is not inferior to the American ICBM chetyrehblochnoy "Trident-2", ITAR-TASS reported.

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