Baptism of fire GLC St. Petersburg 28.11.11

According to preliminary calculations, the complex defenses of St. Petersburg, preventing the 309 th in the history of the city flood, rescued from the Northern capital loss of 1.3 billion rubles.

The complex structures protecting St. Petersburg from flooding, consisting of 11 dams, culverts and two 6 navigation openings length 25.4 km fully put into operation August 12, 2011, and on the night of November 28 the first time he fully defended the city against the elements .

According to the Directorate of the GLC, to prevent the threat of floods uses a specially designed warning system threats of floods (Spoon), which predicts changes in water level in the Neva River the next 48 hours.

Thanks Spoon, starting from November 24, there were reports of a possible rise in water level above 160 cm in the control point at the Mining Institute, which meant the threat of flooding. Upon receipt of data 27 November 2011 about the threat of rising water in 2:00 on November 28 to 166 cm GLC Directorate jointly with the Office of Emergency in St. Petersburg, it was decided to close the gates Protection Barrier. Simultaneously with the forecast rising water system has issued a plan to maneuver the Barrier gates to prevent flooding.

Close to midnight, the water level in the Neva River in the area of the Mining Institute was 122 cm above normal, and near the border dam — already 190 cm, we note that the official flood level is fixed at 160 cm As emphasized in the Board, if at this point there was no decided to close the ship and culverts, then soon the water level in the Mountain would have been 220-230 cm And this is the one plank at which heat a little cellars in the center of the city. For comparison, in 2005, at a rate of 239 cm above normal because of the threat of flooding had been closed six metro stations — "Ladoga", "garden", "Pioneer", "Sport", "Chkalov", "Old Village."

As a result close to zero hours, it was decided to close the dam. As they say in the Directorate, the closure of six culverts and 2 navigation passes took only one hour, and the problems of coordination with representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations have arisen. Recall that, as previously told "Fontanka", according to the new regulations signal overlap of the dam is accepted Directorate and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, which is feared by some experts, could lead to the fact that the complex will be closed too late. However, at this time there, more than that — as emphasized by the GLC, the decision to close was a joint.

Due to the closing of navigation openings on the outer and inner roads began to accumulate Court: As of Monday morning, leaving the port were expecting 10 ships, the entrance — 13. However, the long wallow they did not have: at 9.40, with the fall of the water level in the Gulf of Directorate began opening gates GLC and 11.50, all structures were fully open. As a result of the measures taken the rise of water in St. Petersburg did not exceed 128 cm 

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