Basalt demonstrated Defense advanced development

"NPO" Basalt "is ready to meet the needs of the Ministry of Defense in the magnification of firing and to supply troops in the required quantities of ammunition and practical training equipment that will significantly reduce the preparation of calculations, improve efficiency and safety.

This was stated by First Deputy General Director — General Designer of "NGOs" Basalt "Alexander Smirnov, who led the presentation of the enterprise in the" Day of Innovation of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. "

As part of the "Day of Innovation" stand "NPO" Basalt "visited Russia’s defense minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu, head of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces and First Deputy Defense Minister Army General Valery Gerasimov, Deputy Defense Minister, Colonel-General Oleg Ostapenko, and other senior officials Ministry of Defence. particular interest aroused military ammunition samples, taken into service in 2012-2013:

  • rocket-propelled grenades the RPG-28 and RPG-30
  • rocket grenade assault RShG-1
  • Reactive multi-purpose grenade RMG.

In addition to military armaments were developed 3 sample (RPG-28, RPG-30, RMG) with inert warhead in the equipment for the teaching of practical shooting. In 2013, "Basalt" passed into service 120-mm 3VOF69 with high-explosive projectile 3OF68 to SPG 2S31 "Vienna" and 2S34 "Host". The exhibition presented a sample of weapons and promising for the Air Force.


Unified planning to cluster bomb caliber 500 kg — PBK-500U

Ammunition first strike, this new term is most clearly defines the unified planning to cluster bomb caliber 500 kg — PBK-500U with self submunitions SPBE-K, which are close to the characteristics of high-precision weapons. Equipped with an inertial guidance system and satellite navigation unit planning to bomb used without entering the carriers within range of enemy air defenses.The distinctive characteristics of the AB are extended range and a powerful warhead. According to the accuracy of the application they are comparable with modern cruise missiles, but substantially surpass their might, do not require high-tech manufacturing, and several orders of magnitude cheaper. Interest of visitors caused practical training equipment (ISP) — a fundamentally new means of training in shooting rocket-propelled grenades. New learning tools are up overall regular loose-barreled rocket launchers and miniature simulation grenade with a jet engine and warhead with a marker. Ballistics simulation grenades and shooting accuracy is fully consistent with fighting at all firing range. This allows you to teach the application of rules to combat firing patterns in a variety of use. Starting device provides multiple ISPs use its resources — not less than 300 shots. New tools are not just for the initial training, but also for the improvement of skills and maintain the necessary skills in the firing of rocket-propelled grenades, particularly for learning correct account various shooting conditions. Simulation grenades, with the cost of a 3-fold less than the cost of fighting the sample can be successfully replaced by a system of learning tools shots with an inert grenade. For his part in the "Day of Innovation Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation," Deputy Defense Minister Oleg Ostapenko has awarded JSC "NPO" Basalt "diploma.

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