BEETLE — domestic engineering reconnaissance vehicle

The main purpose — reconnaissance, water hazards and ways to move troops. Is adopted to ’80. It is based on components and assemblies BMP-1. Installed equipment: — Minesweeper wide grip; — Sounder; — Compass PAB-2A; — Equipment for navigation TNA-3; — The device of a circular observation PIR 451;

Installed equipment can detect mines at a depth of 30 cm strip of 3.6 meters, to obtain the necessary data on the slopes, cross-country, the presence of minefields and obstacles, depth, width and velocity of water obstacles in the path of the troops, the density of the bottom, ice thickness and contamination of terrain .

The device IRM "Beetle" Housing, welded from sheets of armor, a division of 7 sections, gives protection team car from the damaging agents. The construction and water-resistant car provided reliable buoyancy. New compartment contains elements of hydraulics, gearboxes mine detector devices capture wide "CC." Also, there is installed ventilation-filtration unit. Cartwright compartment and the control module is designed to accommodate the IRM team, equipment for exploration and management mechanisms. It also has 3 machine gun and 450 rounds of ammunition, a flare gun, a thousand of ammunition for the machine gun, a dozen grenades F-1, about 15 kilograms of explosives with a set of means of detonation. Engine compartment comprises a motor system for its operation and the transmission mechanisms. Aft compartment contains a rechargeable battery and is equipped with a hatch to access them. The side compartments are equipped with fuel tanks. In the car roof hatches are available for members of the IWW. Rotating turret with 7.62 mm machine gun, a range of up to 1 kilometer, and inspection instrumentation gun hatch located between the driver-mechanic and the vehicle commander hatch. 



Features and application of the IWW "Beetle" Basically, this machine operates within the IRD — engineering reconnaissance patrol. It includes the Department of sappers with their equipment and gear. IRD can act alone or in a group combined arms reconnaissance. During the exploration of water hazards with the use of cervical cancer take into account that the mine detector will search only minutes while moving. Determined at the bottom cross-cut the water is determined by the movement of a car by swimming. Scan sonar bottom is made. The number of crossings IRM depends on the size specified for the crossing. The flow rate is determined in the process of crossing the car. To do this, the car stopped, and reducing-increasing pace, hold it in one place. In terms of the tachometer with the table and determine the flow rate. All results draw up an engineering reconnaissance card. Using IRM "Beetle" for the exploration of water hazards and mine detection reduced the time intelligence is almost two times. For the independent drawing up the steep bank, or to overcome obstacles using solid rocket motors of missiles 9M39.



The main characteristics of the IWW "Bug": — Length of 8.22 meters; — Width of 3.15 meters; — Height of 2.4 meters; — Clearance 42 centimeters; — Weight of 18.04 tonnes; — A team of five people; — The engine output of 300 hp; — Speed (land) to 52 km / h; — Rate (water) up to 11 km / h; — Input-output (water) to 30 degrees; — Angle of 36 degrees to overcome the obstacles.


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