Belgorod drivers rated the quality of the new pavement on the prospect of Bogdan Khmelnitsky


In Belgorod, this was reconstructed one of the city‘s main thoroughfares — B.Khmelnitsky prospectus. The new pavement starts from the junction with New Street, runs through the center of the city and the street ends Schorsa. Nearly eight kilometers smooth asphalt. Contractors working on the German technology with the latest materials.

However, the main evaluation of the work done put drivers. As shown by our survey, the vast majority are satisfied with the reconstruction, evaluation — "the best way to Russia" and "we are like a little Switzerland" speak for themselves.

Among those who still remember this two-lane highway — a veteran of the Great Patriotic Abram L. Ehilevsky. He was a driver with sixty years of experience, goes to the domestic "five" and says proudly that such coverage this highway is not known.

However, the reconstruction has changed not only the roadbed, laid out along the entire length kerbstones, replaced by a new nearly 350 road signs. In addition, there were at Bogdanka vertical beds. Reconstruction has cost 200 million rubles

Over the past five years in the reconstruction and improvement of the road network Belgorod invested half a billion rubles. The list — dozens of streets and avenues, including the major city roads.

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