Blue patrols have saved 92 million fry fish in ponds Astrakhan


Groups of school "blue patrols" to monitor the state of small reservoirs in the flood plains of the Astrakhan Region, saved over the summer about 92 million fish fry, provided invaluable assistance ecology of the region, said Friday the governor of Alexander Jilkin.

In early June, the region was formed 55 teams, which included 528 students from grades 5-10. Over the summer, the children worked about four thousand acres, "otshnurovannyh" (lost communication with the main channel of the river) water, collecting and releasing fish perishing in the Volga. At the ceremony of summing up the work of patrols Governor presented the most efficient teams diplomas and valuable gifts and cash certificates.

"During the flood large areas have become" fish nursery "where the growing and strengthening the fry of different species of fish. Potential is huge, but the inadequate care of ponds, drying and barbaric able to catch the lime entire population. And our whole range of activities on reproduction fish stocks would not have been as effective without these children in their summer vacation, despite the heat and gnats, manually collect fry and save them, helping to keep the wealth of our rivers, "- said the head of the region.

According to the Regional Agency for Fisheries, announced at the ceremony, all students have time to get around with a fine-meshed network of more than 550 otshnurovannyh reservoirs. Each participant patrol rescued from a few thousand to a million young fish that were in the barrels with water transported to the banks of rivers and streams nearby, and there released to the wild.

The best "blue patrol" the area this year was named team Tishkovsky School of Volodarsky District area in which each student has saved nearly two million fry.

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