Bogdan produced hybrid bus in partnership with Ruselpromom

Hybrid city bus "Bogdan A70522" co-production "Bogdan" corporation and concern "Ruselprom" in vtornikbyl presented in Moscow at the exhibition CityBus-expo 2012. The companies said that collaborating with another in March 2011. "Ruselprom" supplies to Ukraine traction electrical kit (includes engine, generator, battery, buffer tank and the fuel cell stack) and the Ukrainian side of the body and produces the final assembly of the bus. Now, "Bogdan" A70522 provides certification in Ukraine and Russia and in August it expects to start mass production.

A70522 — 12-meter hybrid bus designed to transport passengers in urban and suburban routes. It combines diesel and electric traction, which reduces fuel consumption in the urban cycle by 35-40% compared with the same model of a traditional bus. The model holds up to 100 passengers (30 seats) and meets environmental standard Euro 5. In the "Ruselprome" report that is now also discussed production of 15 — and 18-foot buses.

Experts point out that the prospects for the model depends on its value. In the "Ruselprome" claim that price bus being formed. Usually, however, the hybrid bus costs about twice the price of similar models of the traditional bus. The cost of the 12-meter bus "Bogdan A70110" is about 1.3 million USD (about 126.7 million euros), that is a hybrid version of it can be sold for 250 thousand euros. By comparison, European counterparts are 400 thousand euros.

Given the cost of the bus in Ukraine, to find a buyer for it will be difficult, the general director of the Lviv Bus Plant Igor Malec. "Due to lack of funds in local budgets of the city are unable to acquire the declared volumes of even ordinary buses. Example, municipalities that take Euro 2012, had to buy more than 2 million units. Technique, but their budget was only enough for half the claimed amount," — he explains. It is difficult to be interested in these products and the Russian cities, the expert of the Center of Political and Economic Analysis Irene Kava. "In recent years, Ukrainian companies are not able to put not one piece of public transport in Russia, as there is almost always state a preference to local producers," — she notes.

The plans of partners access to the European market. "We are currently in negotiations for the supply of equipment with a number of countries in Eastern Europe", — the press-secretary of the corporation Sergei Krasulya. In the "Ruselprome" expects that the demand for this technology will appear in connection with the adoption of the EU program to transition to hybrid trucks — Clean Hydrogen in European Cities, which operates from the beginning of the year. The program initially be purchased for 25 hybrid buses by five European cities — London, Milan, Oslo, Aargau and Bolzano. However, suppliers of transport for them have already been identified — is Ireland Wright, Belgian and German VanHool Merecedes-Benz.

To break into the European market, "Bogdan" will also be difficult, I’m sure Mrs. Kawa. "Our companies today have the required experience in the maintenance of transport in Europe, and this is one of the main criteria when choosing equipment European cities," — says the expert.

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