By the end of the year will finish Railways station with solar batteries in the Afternoon

Construction of the railway station, "Adler"

Completion of the new six-story passenger station in Adler, which will be located over the railroad tracks and will be provided with electricity from solar panels, is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2012, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, the press service of JSC "Russian Railways". 

According to the source, the architectural design of the station due to a difficult terrain and dense urban development.

 "The new multi-level passenger terminal at the Adler station will be located in under-road space, perpendicular to the direction of movement of trains. This will create a maximum storage capacity of the building in cramped urban conditions," — said the press service.  He said that the day the new terminal will be able to take about 54 pairs of long-distance trains and suburban traffic, and in the complex with total area of nearly 30,000 square meters at a time will be able to accommodate about two thousand passengers.

 "The capacity will reach 15,000 people per hour," — said the source.

 He added that the construction of station uses all the latest technology, including in the field of energy saving.

 "On the roof of the building will be mounted thin-film solar cell modules for electric power station," — said the press service of Russian Railways.

 He also noted that the unique location and design solutions of the new terminal will create a transport hub, bringing together all kinds of public transport: rail, road, air and sea for a prospective building berths.




The project of the station "Adler"

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