Bykovskii agrocenter technology will help farmers

In Bykovskii district opened its first technology center in the region for landowners. He should be a good tool for agricultural producers who do not have their high-quality equipment. And those in the majority.


Bykovskii area is unique in its kind — here is extremely small-scale production. 90 per cent of the agricultural sector — micro-enterprises with the number of employees from one to fifteen people. Plots are small, old appliances. And buy a new one — there is no way.

For farming equipment to be collected by the neighbors, somewhere to hire, buy old and infinitely repair what is.

Eugene Tanatarov, a farmer: "From the old new one does not do ever. Breaks down constantly. In any case, we must attract, I do not handle it, I’m a beginner. No base, no opportunities. "

Eugene Tanatarov can participate in a special program, "new farmers". In addition, the Agricultural District Administration was offered to use the services Autograph AgroCentre. In the building of the former Selkhozkhimia are already five tractors of different power (and there will be nine) plus a set of farm implements. According to the profile of the Autograph area — for vegetable, melon and forage. In season, you can set the desired contracting work with the crew.
Mikhail Bykov, a leading specialist of the department of agriculture administration Autograph district: "I think it will be a good help, people realized that the center will help. By the spring will go around, we’ll talk with the farmers to talk about rates. There is no rip-off, is to help our horseless peasant who has a problem with the equipment, which equipment comes from other areas of the bride-price. I think this technique is much better. And experts are selected, the collective good. "

On the establishment of the center has already sent 8 million rubles from the regional budget (on them and purchased this technique). 32 million expected after the new year from the federal treasury, they will get the rest.

Vladimir Litvinov, head of the department of agriculture administration Autograph Area "Technique old at KFH, we have — modern, new, and tillage higher quality. We want to make cheaper due to staffing granted two tractor mechanization, so that they work in two shifts, the greater the tractor works, the cheaper the service. "

Agricultural Center will not only provide services. And he will have his land. The plans — creating recycling. It is assumed that the creation of AgroCentre Bykovskii in the area will be able to put into circulation further order of ten thousand hectares of arable land. And in front of him waiting for the first test in the spring.

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