Canadian tsunami after the earthquake was not dangerous

Tsunami after the earthquake was harmless Canadian Natural Disasters

After a fairly strong earthquake of 7.7 points, recorded in Canada, to Hawaii, it was announced on the possibility of a tsunami warning. However, it was not more serious than a horror story on the eve of All Saints' Day. However, most of the islanders the announcement seriously and people began a hurried evacuation of the interior of the island.

Within minutes, the traffic on the roads leading from the coast, it was difficult, in Honolulu, there have been many accidents because drivers are in a state of panic. Immediately closed all city pubs and restaurants are preparing to celebrate Halloween.
As it turned out, the waves from the earthquake actually reached the islands, but had a much lower height and weight than expected. Height of water at about. Maui is not reached and meter, although forecasts could exceed 1.5 meters. Taking into account this information, experts have canceled orders for the evacuation of the island, and set to be a "warning", which is about three hours was also canceled.
Worth noting clearly the behavior of the local population after the announcement of approaching tsunami. According to surveys of journalists, many people clearly observe the rules of conduct during the approaching tsunami, did their best to protect themselves and their property. Only in the coastal zone of. Oahu, which had hit a tsunami, is home to about 80,000 people.
The earthquake occurred in 139 km from Mussett on the Queen Charlotte Islands that are part of British Columbia in Canada. Serious damage boost not brought, despite its high magnitude.

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