Center for children with learning disabilities has opened in Nizhny Novgorod

An integrated center for the education of children with disabilities in Autazavadskaya opened on the eve of the Nizhny Novgorod.

The center has everything a child could as quickly as possible to adapt to life and sports hall, classrooms and art therapy and exercise therapy.

That’s such a huge leaps they move through life. Children with intellectual disabilities are confronted daily with the huge obstacles that they are not easy. It is therefore 15 — 16 years they desire all others not in children as well as adults more.
Ivan Sheludyakov, the pupil: "The main thing in life is not to drink, do not smoke, always engaged in sports, and going to work."

Compete with the same as they are, children from orphanages of neuropsychiatric dispensaries for children with development delay. Only about eighty people. They say that sport is their only outlet. Here they can show off and be the first.

Succeed not only in sports psychologists to help children and speech therapists, as well as speech pathologists and educators. On their shoulders rests the responsibility for these children. Many people do not have the patience, some are afraid and do not go into a profession. Complexity, they say, in the behavior of pupils: they are too aggressive, and sometimes vent their anger on the teacher. However, do not be afraid of it all.
Olesya Klochkova, teacher — psychologist: "It’s hard, but I went here, and I have no problems, I have no differences between normal children and others."

It is for them and offer a unique new center for innovative learning technologies. Here came and Social Policy Minister, Olga Noskova to accept the work performed.

Here and a new gym for the regional competitions, and new classes of art therapy, which develop fine motor skills, and the class of physical therapy, and for the smallest class of relaxation.
Olga Noskov, Minister of Social Policy of the Nizhny Novgorod region: "It is important that these children had all had a chance to go to rehab."

Commission and went into residential housing. Here the rooms are designed for six people. Young students have already moved in, and here on the first floor of the tenants still waiting. It is planned that there will be live immediately forty people — the most promising students from Arzamas and Balakhninsky boarding. And at the end of training children enroll in vocational school and are sure to employ.
Michael Zhenya, director Avtozavodsky orphanage for children with developmental disabilities: "We grow their own employees, such a system will sotspatronazha."

Plans to establish on the basis of Avtozavodsky boarding vocational school for children with developmental disabilities, so as not to pull them out of the usual environment and to create a comfortable learning environment.

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