China resolutely opposes sandstorms

China resolutely opposes sandstorms Facts

The problem of conflict sandstorms in Beijing and Tianjin went to the state level. In the next decade (2013-2022 gg.) In the region will try to strengthen the fight against this phenomenon, as well as environmental degradation.

In 2013, the program will include Shanxi Province, which generates most of the sand storms that attack the above two cities. The deeper question is will be engaged in 138 districts of 6 Chinese regions (previously the program operated in 75 districts 5-regions).

Achieve victory over sandstorms trying, landed between 1999 and 2006, about 9.27 million hectares of forest and meadows on land unsuitable for agriculture. Engaged in afforestation and treeless areas of the mountains and hills. At the moment, already spent 15 million hectares. Successfully received almost 99% of seedlings. Now against storms increase forest through the mountains, and not arable land, is a priority.

Local residents are already feeling the positive effects of the work done in the form of improved the living conditions, including the aesthetic element as well. In the program are happy to participate local farmers, especially because the state allocates for a subsidy of up to 16 years, and tree species, tend to have an economic value.
The Chinese still have to go, as others in the country as a location for planting forests can use 4.3 million hectares of land and high-rise about 4.7 million hectares of desert for some reason land.

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