Chips of Yashkino


Holding "KDV Group", the market leader in confectionery and snacks, has decided to take another niche and become a producer of potato chips. On the basis of the food plant Yashkinsky (village Yashkino, Kemerovo region) to the end of the year is planned to start in fact a new plant. Investment in the project will amount to two billion rubles.

A new direction of the company has learned from the press release administration of the Kemerovo region, which reported on the Governor Aman Tuleyev held a meeting with members of the board and representatives of the district Yashkinsky Yashkinsky food plant (part of the "KDV Group"). At the meeting just discussed the upcoming launch of a major production plant of potato chips. For a new production, according to the press service of the regional administration, was purchased modern equipment for the cultivation of potatoes ($ 80 million) and organized vegetable-growing farm «KDV aggro." "For the new production in Kuzbass needs its own raw material base, as to the potatoes for chips special requirements: the tuber should be smooth, contain little sugar and a lot of dry matter" — expertly told the meeting Thule (his name, by the way, is called a varieties of potatoes). According to him, pishchecombinat purchased and planted a variety bred in Holland "Hermes" (an area of 150 hectares) — one of the "chipsovyh" varieties. Cleaning has already begun, yield "Hermes" — 320 kilograms per hectare, which is higher than average regional index by almost a third. Under next year’s crop company has already prepared 850 acres of land and built a vegetable store at 8 thousand tons of potatoes.

The first production line of chips capacity of 45 tons per day will be launched at the company until the end of 2011. In general, in a new direction "KDV groups" to 2012 will invest about 2 billion rubles. "Sell not raw potatoes, and already processed finished products — a very important step for the development of our economy. After all, the number-one in the industry, and agriculture — leaving dependence on raw materials and production of products with high added value. There is no doubt that Yashkinsky chips make up a solid competition for foreign producers, as production will be the freshest, high-quality and more affordable, "- said about the governor. And instructed the economic block of the regional administration to study the issue of the provision of regional tax benefits to the enterprise.

At the holding company does not comment. Press-service of "the CSC Group" No, in the marketing department of the answers to the questions given up, and with the CEO and co-owner of the holding Denis Shtangelovym not be reached. In the absence of data from the first-hand accounts to trust the press release administration of Kuzbass. Analysts also provide estimates of the dole. "Diversification — always the right decision. And given the fact that this is a business with high added value, it adds more pros to this decision ", — said the managing portfolios of securities of the Criminal Code" Solid Management "George Eltsov. However, he believes that occupy a high market share of the new product chips "KDV groups" unlikely. "Chips — a commodity that is in need of serious advertising promotion, and more pressing on the image, not the quality of the product. So the competition in the same "Lace" or "Pringles" CDW first time will be difficult to make, it’s quite a long process, "- says Eltsov.

Holding "KDV groups" founded in 1994 by graduates of Tomsk State University. They started with a small retail raw sunflower seeds, but in 1997 purchased Jashkinsky Food Factory — the largest confectionery company in the Kuzbass at the time produced cookies. In 1998, the Austrian line was established for the production of wafers. As a result, today the plant produces 25% of all wafers in the country. At present, the holding includes six plants: «KDV Yashkino" (Yashkino, Kemerovo Region), "CSC Nizhny Tagil" (Sverdlovsk region), "CSC Siberia" (Kemerovo), «KDV Minusinsk" (Minusinsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory ) Ltd. "Confectionary" Abakan "" (Khakassia). In the late 2000s, the product range has been expanded through the acquisition of CJSC "Bridgetown Foods" (the most famous brand — crackers "Three brown") and holding "Siberian coast" (crackers "Kirieshki" brand BeerKa) — Russia’s leading snack. And in September, "the CSC Group" bought the GC "golden tower" (brand "Barents").

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