Civil ANSAT GMSU received a certificate from IAC

New lightweight multi-purpose civilian helicopter "ANSAT" with hydraulic control system (GMSU) of JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant" (LSC, is a holding company "Helicopters of Russia") has received type certification of the Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC). The solemn ceremony was held at the International Certificate MAKS-2013.

It was attended by the heads of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, representatives of the IAC, holding "Helicopters of Russia" and cardiovascular disease. The certificate confirms the compliance of the standard design helicopter "ANSAT" standards of aviation rules and allows you to start commercial operation of these helicopters. Kazan Helicopter Plant, a developer and manufacturer of the helicopter "ANSAT," began the process of certification of civil version of the helicopter with hydraulic control system in 2011. LSC has developed a version of the earlier "Ansat" with the latest by-wire flight control system (CCS-A). However, nowhere in the world of civil helicopters with wire control system is not yet certified, the basic requirements for such an innovative system of international practices are not developed yet. For the early withdrawal of the helicopter on the market, it was decided to adjust the program "Ansat" subject to the availability of the requirements for traditional helicopter hydro system. Installation hydromechanical system did not increase, and takeoff of the helicopter mass change of its technical characteristics. "In order not to depend on the timing of certifications" Ansat "with KSU-A, we have decided to offer the world market a helicopter with a traditional hydro-mechanical control system, — said General Director of JSC" Kazan Helicopter Plant "Vadim Ligay. — Getting the type certificate for the helicopter" ANSAT "with GMSU — an important achievement for the engineering of the Russian Federation as a whole and for the Russian helicopter industry in particular. " According to experts, the modernized "ANSAT" has a number of important competitive advantages over similar products in its class: the helicopter is reliable and easy to use, can be used in different climates when the difference of positive and negative temperatures, does not need a hangar storage. The new "ANSAT" has already been submitted by the holding "Helicopters of Russia" in key markets including the CIS countries, the countries of South-East Asia, Africa and Latin America. Program"Ansat" helicopter with a wire system successfully developed in the military sphere. The Russian Defense Ministry buys helicopter training "ANSAT-U" for flight schools. In the framework of serial deliveries under the current contract in November 2013, another batch of helicopters "ANSAT-U" will go to the branches of the Military Training Research Center Air Force.

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