Colonel of the General Staff, received 12 years for spying: sold Yankees hidden cards

Colonel of the General Staff, received 12 years for spying: secret maps sold to Americans

Capital City tribunal on Thursday sentenced to 12 years in serious mode for espionage former military Military Technical Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces — Colonel Vladimir Lazar's Stores. The defendant was also stripped of his military rank, reports "Interfax" referring to the public relations center of the Federal Security Service.

Colonel of the General Staff, received 12 years for spying: secret maps sold to Americans

According to the investigation, Lazarus In December 2008, acting on the instructions of the U.S. military intelligence agent, is also a citizen of the Russian Federation, Alexander Lesmenta, acquired and gave him a huge amount of topographic maps containing hidden information.

In the operational development of the retired colonel Lazarus came after, in December 2008 in Yekaterinburg, was detained a local 57-year-old programmer Gennady Sipachev — one of the world's largest collectors of maps, written before "Kommersant". According to the FSB, he passed through the web of U.S. intelligence hidden card of the General Staff. For this, in May 2010 the Moscow City Court sentenced him to four years in serious mode.

Colonel of the General Staff, received 12 years for spying: secret maps sold to Americans

So lenient punishment for municipal treason (Article 275 of the Criminal Code provides for 12 to 20 years' imprisonment) explained that Sipachev not only confessed, and passed the other "spies." In one of the interrogations Sipachev and said that he had acquired Vladimir card Lazarus.

Lazarus From August 1975 to March 2003 he served in the Armed Forces of the USSR and the Russian Federation, including in various capacities in the 40th Surveying squad. He had access to the data representing the municipal secrets, previously reported to the authorized dealer of General Prosecutor Marina Gridneva. From April 2003 to arrest Lazarus worked in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Goszemkadastrsyomka-VISHAGI", which also had access to the hidden information.

In the years 1975-1979 Lazarus studied at the Leningrad Higher Military Command School Topographical with Alexander Lesmentom. Since the mid-1990s Lesment living in Estonia started to work intensively with the DIA. In the past couple years, he made a long-term job associated with the collection and transmission of topographical materials, including hidden, noted in the prosecutor's office.

In 2008 Lesment Web contacted Russian collector cards, then asked Lazarus fee to buy his optical discs containing more than 7 thousand electric images of topographic maps of the territories of the Russian Federation. Colonel copied to the hard disk and brought to Belarus where delivered to the customer through an intermediary Lesmentu.

The experts examined the materials, concluded that contains information containing municipal secret, and transfer them to the military establishments of other states "may cause significant harm to the external security of the Russian Federation, will allow to make the planning of possible military action."

The implication is that the transmitted information can be used to inform flight missions for the missiles of all types of home, and for the preparation and conduct of land operations on the territory of the Russian Federation.

"The truth is one — it is not desired to pass the class-mate and friend"

Note that in the middle of the convicted colleagues of Vladimir Lazar, there are those who do not consider him a spy. That's what told about it on the forum familiar profile website "":

"The last military position Volodya — deputy chief of Department of the Military Engineering Academy named after Kuibyshev … They took him when he was the main engineer of the State Center" surveyor. "Details and the details I do not know. But according to rumors, initially tried to blame that taking advantage of official position, scanning the hidden cards. "

"But the thing in the State Center" surveyor "they are not. And no they did not order a special registry. Now here came a fascinating hidden collector cards. How they got to it?" — Surprised user Stout.

"The truth in this whole sad story of one — it is not desired to pass the class-mate and friend — sums up the surveyor. — After the collapse of the USSR with all stores in the republics had to remove or kill the topographical map. Deprived of the head, continue to mourn for her hair and pretend to violent activity."

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