Comet Elenin finally collapsed, said astronomer

September 26. The famous comet Elenin, which preachers imminent end of the world would be closely visit aliens, apparently, finally collapsed and did not fly to the point of closest approach to the Earth, told RIA Novosti on Monday, its discoverer — astronomer Leonid Elenin, Institute of Applied Mathematics Keldysh.

"The comet was supposed to appear in images space solar observatory SOHO, but it is not. Apparently, she fell apart. Perhaps some pieces that will continue to fly in the same orbit, we can see in October with ground-based telescopes, "- said Elenin.

"The comet will not cause and could not cause any harm to us and our planet," — he stressed.

Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) scientist opened in December 2010. It was the first in 20 years, "Russian" comet — like the previous findings were made by Soviet scientists in 1989 and 1990, since then the Russian astronomers failed to discover any such object.

Long-period comet suddenly gained great fame among the proponents of conspiracy theories and doomsday preachers in 2012. They predicted that with its approach to the Earth will come a global catastrophe, as evidenced by its very name: the alleged «Ele» means «extinction level event» (vseunichtozhayuschaya catastrophe), and «nin» — it «Nibiru in November» (refers to mythical planet Nibiru, the approach to the Earth which supposedly should lead to disaster).

Comet Elenin — the "new" comet, which for the first time fell into the inner solar system from the Oort cloud. Such new comet at first light is very strong, but then the brightness decreases as the ice evaporates at their core.

Comet Elenin should have been closer to the Earth at a minimum distance — 0.23 astronomical units (34.9 million kilometers) — 16 October.

However, at the end of August, amateur astronomers, leading observations of the comet, recorded a significant decrease in the brightness of its nucleus, indicating the beginning of the destruction of the celestial body.

The death of comets — a frequent event. Over the past 10 years, astronomers have documented the collapse of the six celestial bodies, not counting the so-called "solntsetsarapayuschih" Kreutz family of comets, which are "killed" by the hundreds.

Source: RIA Novosti


Comet Elenin spawned mass hysteria on the Internet

May 7. Comet Elenin — the first in 20 years, opened the Russian astronomer — the Internet has provoked an outbreak of mass hysteria. Bloggers and journalists spread rumors about giant space ships, hidden behind this comet that this comet is the mysterious planet Nibiru, and its approach to the Earth promises a global catastrophe because of the change of the poles.

Earlier, Argentine Contexto edition with reference to the astronomer Sergio Toscano (Sergio Toscano) reported that the comet Elenin fly spaceships, and in September, when the comet comes closer to the Earth, will be the first contact with an alien civilization. Toscano said that the information received by Chinese astronomers, trying to hide the U.S. space agency NASA.

"I was amused the first month, at first I even looked on the internet, what they write, but now I try not to watch. This is my annoying. I am upset that all this insanity came in runet and I are writing the letter, it is Nibiru "- said in an interview with RIA Novosti discoverer of Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin), the Institute of Applied Mathematics Keldysh Leonid Elenin.

Comet Elenin was discovered December 10, 2010 the images obtained with the help of Russian automated observatory ISON-NM (New Mexico, USA). The next day, these data were confirmed by the Russian, Ukrainian and Uzbek astronomers using observations at the observatory Maidanak in Uzbekistan. A day later received confirmation from the U.S. and Japanese scientists.

Previous case of opening of the comet Soviet scientists came in 1990, when the Lithuanian astronomer Kazimierz Chernis together with Japanese colleagues discovered comet C/1990 E1 (Chernis-Kiuchi-Nakamura). In 1989, a resident of Krasnodar Boris Skorichenko with British astronomers discovered the comet C/1989 Y1 (Skorichenko-George).

According to calculations, Comet Elenin October 16, 2011 close to Earth far — 34.9 million km (0.23 AU).


According to Elenin, he had to deal with the statements that the CIA and the FSB has established a network of secret shelters in anticipation of disaster, which would bring the comet. Moreover, many believe that the most Elenin does not exist, and his name — encoded indication of impending disaster.

"I saw a discussion on how stands for" Leonid Elenin. " For example «Ele» — it «extinction level event» (vseunichtozhayuschaya catastrophe), and «nin» — it «Nibiru in November», — said the astronomer.

He noted that the people who visited the site of his observatory, demanded proof that he really exists.

"I ask: please send a copy of the passport that you really name is Leonid Elenin. Ask, why not have your photos online, why in Russia there is no interview with you? "- Said the scientist.

According to him, he received letters with questions like "saved" from people who intend to sell the house and his family to flee to the mountains when the comet approaches the Earth.

When he tried to explain that they open a comet, though quite interesting, but quite ordinary celestial body, he replied: "You're hiding, you are forbidden to speak, we do not believe you."

Commenting on the statements of the "spaceships" Elenin was of the opinion that they have become a source of images of the comet, which due to camera motion stars stretched into short strips.

"Flying comet and back of her right and left traces of the two stars that formed in the track. I saw an article that says, here's two cylinders — a spaceship, "- said the source.


Elenin can not explain exactly why so much attention is riveted to his comet. According to him, perhaps, the case in the index, which has been assigned a comet — C/2010 X1.

"The letter" X "has attracted the attention of people who do not know that each half of the month in the astronomical (calendar) its own letter, and if I opened it a few days later, the index would be Y1», — said astronomer.

He was surprised at how many people do not know that the discovery of a new comet — a rather ordinary event. Solar observatory SOHO offers hundreds of comets per year. And if we talk about the discoveries "ground" of astronomers, they discover 20 comets per year.

"Although this comet is not the usual, she still will be close enough to the Sun — aphelion to the orbit of Mercury — and close enough to the Earth. But this is not a record, "- said the source.

He noted that, for example, 15 August 2011 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova comet will pass much closer to Earth — at a distance of 0.06 AU (8.9 million kilometers).

Elenin is trying to dissuade the advocates of the "theory of Nibiru" and the conspiracy of the Russian authorities and the U.S., but believes it is virtually useless.

"I try as best to answer the questions, I'm trying to explain something, but, unfortunately, my truth is uninteresting, boring, so I say," You're hiding something from us and all of you understand, "- said the scientist .

According to him, the hysteria will dissipate when the comet will fly away from the Earth.

Source: RIA Novosti

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