Commissioned a new building control center in Perm

JSC "System Operator of the Unified Energy System" has commissioned a new building control center branch of JSC "UES", "Regional power grid dispatching Perm Krai" (Perm RDU).

The new control center located in the regional center on the street. Novosibirsk, 8, was built as part of the territorial investment project of JSC "UES" Infrastructure and technological re-equipment of the Perm RDU. The completed project is aimed at improving the reliability of the supervisory control grid of the Perm Territory.

Since its inception in 2003, the Perm RDU housed in rented premises of the administrative building of the branch of JSC "IDGC of Urals" — "Permenergo", which imposes restrictions on the development of the technological infrastructure of the supervisory control of the regional power grid and did not meet the requirements of the "Regulation on the technical policy of" UES "with regard to dispatching centers.

The implementation of the investment project to build the infrastructure and technological re-equipment of the Perm RDU began in November 2007, when the land was purchased and a two-storey building in the city of Perm. In 2008-2009, performed design work, design and estimate documentation for the project approved by the state examination. Complex reconstruction of the acquired two-storey building with the construction of a new four-story began in November 2010. Less than two years of construction and assembly work, created engineering infrastructure dispatch center, held the technological equipment of the building by means of supervisory control.

The new control center of Perm Krai power system control is a building of variable height from 2 to 4 floors with a total area of 3,156 square meters. meters, equipped with modern facilities of the supervisory control of electric power modes. In the dispatch hall Perm RDU features a modern instrument panel on the basis of fifteen video projection cubes BARCO, ensuring the accuracy and timeliness display a large amount of information on the state of the power system of the Perm Territory.

The new building of the Perm RDU established a system of guaranteed uninterrupted power supply from independent power supply of technological equipment of control and process management, and automated dispatch control system, including the instrument panel. The dispatch center is equipped with an integrated security system and the system for monitoring the operation of engineering equipment. The building was designed and built with specific clock activity RDU.

For seminars and workshops to enhance the professional development of the Perm RDU in the new building built training center for staff. Its capabilities allow not only the training of experts of the process unit and emergency response training branch managers, but also cross-system training with the participation of the operational staff of electric power industry operating area of Perm RDU.

Control of the operation of the regional power system of the new dispatch center will expand the observability of the current condition of facilities scheduling, operational managers to accelerate the adoption of decisions, be more effective planning and management regimes.

Translation functions of the supervisory control of Power Perm region in the new building is scheduled for October 2012.

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