Consequences of showers in South Africa

Consequences of showers in South Africa Natural Disasters

Heavy rains, which lasted in the southeastern part of the state South Africa almost a week, provoked numerous floods, which killed eight people. Of the victims drowned, while others died in car accidents on flooded roads. The rains have caused significant damage to people's property.

In the lamentable state of the city of Port Elizabeth and Grahamstown, destruction recorded in East London. Road connecting these settlements, closed because a large area of the collapse of the roadway and flooded the road. According to experts, the restoration work could take several months. Back in the early weeks of the riskiest showers points was evacuated over a thousand people. Removal of people to safer places continues.

Between 2009 and 2010, South Africa experienced a severe drought. From the intensity of it was one of drought in 50 years. Despite the fact that after that it has been almost two years, the soil is not always recovered and during heavy rains can not handle the flow of water, which ends up flooding and destruction and new victims.

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