Covert struggle in the power lasts. Siloviki is still ahead of the liberals

Covert struggle continues in power.  "Siloviki" is still ahead of the "liberals"The unspoken rivalry conditional power and the liberal bloc in power lasts and becomes similar to the long-running TV series. The last move of the liberals in the form of an open letter to Putin Dvorkovich did not bring the desired result — the president did not even read it. But the response to this demonstrative gesture followed immediately.

On the days of Putin his decree introduced new members of the President's Commission on the energy sector. They were head Interior V.Kolokoltsev, head CBP Fradkov, Deputy Foreign Minister Karasin, first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Facilities Yuri Petrov (last Member of the Board of Directors of "Rosneft"), Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Agriculture, Food Policy and Environmental G.Gorbunov and rector of the Mining Institute Litvinenko.

But the the last chapter USC Trotsenko, however, was excluded from the commission by presidential decree.

This reshuffle, Putin implemented, might be seen as a response to the increased pressure of the liberal team. Presidential commission supplemented by representatives of the power unit. Resignation Trocenko without distracting from this logic — before he lost his post because of the control of USC protracted conflict with the Ministry of Defence. Trocenko experienced as the market economy have tried to do the job for USC respective principles, but not found a mutual understanding with Serdyukov on pricing.

Recall that the presidential commission on Energy was formed in June of this year. According to the views of the majority of professionals, particularly in her hands will be focused real control over the country's fuel and energy sector, while the government will make a purely nominal function in this area.

What's all the same for the above-mentioned letter Dvorkovich, by some disk imaging, Putin did not read it and passed down the chain of command, where it fell to the former employee Sechin presidential advisor Anton Ustinov. Directly behind this president ordered Dvorkovich accelerate capitalization "RusHydro" scheme with the role of "Rosneftegas", in other words to make something from which to abandon and called Deputy Prime Minister in his own letter.

It seems that you can not realize and odious example program "Medvedev's privatization." Her back down again for an indefinite period, despite numerous aimed at meeting certain subjects and the declaration of the government. The head of the Economic Development Ministry A.Belousov yesterday admitted that the privatization of a number of companies, planned for 2012 can be carried forward at the beginning of 2013

"We have never recorded a single clear timeline privatization of the company. Always said that this will involve global environment, with the criteria with opportunities, "- said A.Belousov.

In the conditions of the impending second wave of the global economic crisis hard to predict when the same will be sought by "the conditions and opportunities", so cautious Belousov's own statements: "I am at the moment I do not want to fix a certain time and did not want to fix, it will happen in the this year or first of next year, as this is dependent on many factors. "

So makarom until all actions conditional "Medvedev team" did not bring her to the expected result, but "the team Sechin," by contrast, is gaining weight due to political patronage Fishing season. How will this covert struggle to predict the state of the industry until hard. According to one theory, Putin realized provokes confrontation between the two camps-name in power, trying to achieve a balance of interests. If so, then in the near future we can expect concessions in the direction of the liberal bloc.

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