Cuba has ordered another three An-158 with Ilyushin Finance Co.

Zhukovsky. August 28. AviaPort

Leasing company "Ilyushin Finance Co." (IFC) in 2014 put to Cuba three AN-158. The agreement was signed at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2013, the correspondent of "Aviaport."

Previously, the funding of the deal was concluded a tripartite agreement between IFC, Vnesheconombank and the Eximbank of Russia. All the aircraft are delivered Cuban partners in the framework of the Russian government on the financial support of high-tech exports.

The signing ceremony took place at the same time firm contract with the transfer of the Cuban airline Cubana de aviacion third of the An-158, under the terms of previous agreements. This aircraft was the tenth of the IFC sent to Cuba, so far passed four medium-range Tu-204 passenger and cargo versions, three long-haul passenger IL-96-300 and three regional passenger An-158. 

President of the Corporation of Civil Aviation of Cuba Ramon Martinez Echevarria said that the An-158 meets all international aviation standards. "The flight crew, engineering staff and passengers who use the services of our airline, highly appreciate this plane. Therefore my great pleasure to sign this agreement on the following three AN-158", — he said.

JSC "Ilyushin Finance Co.". founded in 1999. IFC is 48% owned by "United Aircraft Corporation". The main activity — financial leasing modern civil aircraft produced in Russia, financing exports. An-158 is the latest modification of the An-148. Unlike his younger brother, designed for 75 passengers, the An-158 can carry up to 100 passengers at a distance of 2.5 thousand kilometers at a speed of up to 870 km / h. Production of the An-148 established in Voronezh, and final assembly of the An-158 is an aircraft factory in Kiev, "Antonov". The family of the Russian-Ukrainian aircraft An-148/158 produced by close cooperation among Ukrainian and Russian enterprises. Up to 65% of the components of each aircraft produced in Russia by Russian companies, including the Corporation "Russian Technologies", so both machines are more a product of the Russian-made and are subject to a program of Russian export financing products.

A unique feature of the aircraft is An-148/158 their aerodynamic design, made on a "vysokoplan" — high-wing aircraft that can operate not only in terms of modern-equipped airports, but also with the ground airstrips in remote, inaccessible areas. Planes An-148/158 certified Interstate Aviation Committee under the Russian standards AP-25, with a uniform European standards CS-25 and U.S. FAR-25.

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