Defense Ministry will purchase 120 missile complexes Iskander

The list will include the procurement of the Ministry of launchers, howitzers and SAM
The Russian Defense Ministry plans to buy 120 missiles "Iskander", said Deputy Defense Minister Gen. Dmitry Bulgakov.


Already bought six complexes planned to buy up to 120 systems, Bulgakov said.

"Iskander" capable of hitting small size and area targets deep in enemy troops.

According to Bulgakov, last year, the Ministry of Defence has purchased 18 launchers and 13 armored antitank missile system "Cornet". The plans of the ministry to purchase another 180 launchers and 360 combat vehicles. Also, the military planned to buy 574 howitzers "MSTA-S" and up to 120 S-300, according to "RIA Novosti".

Earlier it was reported that under the current state defense order for 2011 Armed Forces will buy 36 strategic ballistic missiles, two strategic nuclear submarines, 20 strategic air-launched cruise missiles, five spacecraft, 35 aircraft, 109 helicopters, three multipurpose nuclear submarine, one combat surface ship and 21 anti-aircraft missile system.

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