Deforestation in the snowy areas contributes to flooding

Deforestation in the snowy areas contributes to flooding Facts

Studies show that deforestation in areas where there are heavy snowfalls, can more than double, and at worst case — to increase four-fold — the risk of extensive flooding occurring due to the spill forest rivers and streams.

The effect of deforestation on the acceleration of seasonal flooding scientists have known for a long time. But as it turned out, the current pace of deforestation in northern areas especially pronounced contribute massive prolonged flooding, and not just a local or seasonal.
Watching the wild rivers and streams in the mountainous part of North America, the researchers saw their displacement increases due fell in the winter snow that melts too quickly, since it is not delayed and is not covered trees and shrubs.
During the studies used an improved method of frequency pair analysis, when taken into account the data on how often this force repeated flooding in the area. Under observation were streams of Colorado, British Columbia, etc., which feeds the melted snow and next to which there is an active deforestation. Running computer model flooding over the past few decades, taking into account the rate of deforestation, has revealed that the flooding, the case rate in 10 years, will take place in 3-5 years, and those that occurred every 10-21 years, will take place every 10 — 12 years. .
Of course, prior to the final adoption of the model, check its accuracy in other places, where the volumes of wood have declined rapidly and where the level of water in rivers depends on the amount of snow in the winter.

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