Demographic catastrophe in Russia invented by American journalists («The Kremlin Stooge», Canada)

When I was a kid, not a day passed without someone called me a "brake", usually another child. The slightest mistake was enough to nickname "brake" entrenched behind you for a day or two, then it is difficult to grow, it is difficult now. But the term "brake" was then common, but now its use is almost a taboo subject and strongly discouraged (although the terms "retarded conservative"And"debilo-liberal"Is often used in the tail and mane as political arguments on the American music sites, apparently, in order to convey the degree of stupidity attributed to those who profess a different ideology). I guess we as a child had no intention to cause harm, we do not know a better option, and were confident that the brakes — these are ordinary people who, because of some unfortunate life circumstances or generations of inbreeding were slower than all the rest . I know now that these people were born this, and nothing can be done, and I also know many people who, under the "guise" "brakes"Conceal the fact that they are just silly, and almost certainly this could be something to do.

Excluding, however, those poor souls who are victims of a birth of God’s displeasure, let’s imagine a strong concentration of brakes that — brakes simply because they choose for themselves to be stupid. There are many films in the genre of "horror" or science fiction about small towns caught under the influence of something in the water system or some other factor causing mutation, let’s imagine that this was the result of something sucks the intelligence tupizna. Let’s also assume that all do not live in the same city, but work in the same newspaper.

So that’s a roundabout way we come to the article "Russian leaving the country in droves»(Russians are Leaving the Country in Droves, hyperlink) to persistently stupid Los Angeles Times (Thanks, Cartman (Cartman)), which is often a last bastion of conservatism in an otherwise very liberal state. Certain media sources, including the ideological bloggers (some of which, apparently, are engaged) — type La Russophobe and her latest creation "Dying Russia»(Dying Russia) — which the public must at least pretend to be objective, but instead manifest themselves stubbornly biased in their view of Russia, and constantly misrepresent the real situation in Russia in order to make it look catastrophic. The Los Angeles Times also included in this category along with reliable Russophobic magazine Time, edition The Christian Science Monitor and often the newspaper The Washington Post.

Ever heard the expression "too stupid to take shelter from the rain"(The original phrase is:« Too stupid to come in out of the rain ». Term« (not to know enough to) come in out of the rain »is commonly used to mean" slow down, blunt, poorly understand the situation, to be a jerk "- approx. lane.)? The Los Angeles Times may well put it himself in the merit of the situation for the last summer when they flashed that "heat and dryness exceeded all records in the U.S.", And they obviously did not know that in California while experiencing the rainiest summer on record. One would expect that they will pay attention to it, given where they are … umm … are.

I could have sworn that some of the stories from the series "intellectuals fleeing from Russia"Will appear every couple of months is about the frequency was observed, but according to my research, this year’s wave of rapidly spreading information on the Internet in the form of garbage on the subject at its peak. I have already published a post on this topic myself, last spring, on the occasion of the appearance of the next portion of misinformation from the Siamese twins (in the sense of the brain) Miriam Elder (Miriam Elder) and Simon Shuster (Simon Shuster) of Time, and the issue has become a popular topic for discussion at various forums. But it was not quite the same nonsense as this — Simon and Miriam screaming hysterically about the extinction of small towns in remote parts of Russia in favor of the concentration of population in the larger cities: ie about something that takes place all over the world, but when it happens in Russia, it is naturally becomes something awful.

Whatever it was, but it’s lyrics about "catastrophic outcome of Russia’s best and brightest"Appear with annoying frequency. The earliest such an article, which I found in the heyday of interest in the Russo-phobia — the so-called "Decade You know who»(Decade of Putin), it was published in the Christian Science Monitor in 2002 , the article "Population decline in Russia spell trouble»(Russia’s Population Decline Spells Trouble). According Loggerhead of dunces Fred Wyre (Fred Weir), «the only obvious solution — to support and encourage the arrival of young immigrants from overpopulated Asian neighboring countries, such as China, is so politically sensitive and controversial that Russian leaders refuse to even discuss it. "

Well, let it looks like the obvious solution for Fred Wyre, but since then it’s been ten years, the population has decreased by 2 million compared with census data for 2002 year (although the current figure — just calculated), and Russia while still Russian — on 80% composed of ethnic Russian. In 2002 by the Chinese in the country was about 30 thousand, and the Chinese still appear somewhere among those 12% population designated as "other race." So you were wrong, Fred. Face it, you’ve already done a lot of things with 2002 until today. Oh, that’s a good point, until we moved to another example and have left this piece of nonsense behind "Demographic experts say that the country is losing a million people from its population every year, and the rate of decline accelerated. " If this were true, the population of Russia would amount to less than now 133 million people. Is not it so? Ha ha ha … no.

Next comes the Nicholas Eberstadt (Nicholas Eberstadt) with her article "Drinking nation: Russia’s depopulation bomb»(Drunken Nation: Russia’s Depopulation Bomb). In 2009 Eberstadt year, while the political economist — that’s a surprise! — At the American Enterprise Institute (American Enterprise Institute) Is fully consistent with the current Los Angeles TimesAnd when this or that figure does not suit him, he says: "(Insert here the name of the State Institute for …) states that the total figure (no matter what) is (… so much …) — but the real number is definitely much higher". He also confidently asserts that "the adult population of Russia — both women and men — the equivalent of drinking a bottle of vodka a week< /em>. " Virtually all statistics he called "chilling","causing fear and terror"Or"plunged into consternation. " This "study" is constant reference to Russophobes and grinning dude George Will (George Will) of Washington Post gladly picked him up in the same year. They are also very actively used the former employee Woodrow Wilson Center (Woodrow Wilson Centre) Martin Walker (Martin Walker), who coined the term "gipersmertnost"As applied to the Russian population decline, and was happy to play along by a Chinese idol, who agreed with the fact that Russia"suffering from population decline of this magnitude usually associated with the effects of a major war. " Once again, the figure climbs to a million people a year. Finally, serial manufacturer of unpleasant information Paul Globe (Paul Goble) jumps on the bandwagon with the trends described by the article "Depopulation threatens Russia ten ways»(Depopulation Threatens Russia 10 Ways) (hint — one of those ways is called growth of mental illness). He quotes Olga Swan from Moscow State University as a source of information on the fact that even with the migration of the population of Russia is melting at one million people a year. In a year when Globe written (or typed) this sad epitaph, the population of Russia was 141903979 people. The following year it was 141914509 people. Come on, quickly — what a figure more?

In fact, the year before the application Swan Russia’s population has decreased by 211162 man, less than a quarter of that amount, about which she says. In a year when she fed Paul Globe your dirty stories (if at all it is said, because Globe known for his love of art assumptions and selective citation), the population of Russia decreased by 104859 people. The next year, as I mentioned, it has increased. It is worth asking, how someone who does not know how to add and subtract, able to work at the University of.

And if Globe All confuses mathematically then does not matter what people say to him, he simply uses the tactics of Eberstadt — "Such is the result, but the real figure is definitely much higher (or much lower if we are talking about something good). "

Fast-now for this year, 2011. By keeping a blog of the dark Staunton in Virginia, Globe — Not repentant and obstinate as ever in his image peddler of nonsense — Informs us that "The middle class runs from Russia»(Middle Class is fleeing Russia), according to the Moscow experts. Never retreating in the face of a call Paul-Once a mathematician and Intellectual CIA is to double the bet, starting to play for high stakes and letting us know 1.25 million members of the Russian middle class fled the country in the last three years. Remember this number, because that’s all Russian artists and intellectuals have left the country over the past ten years, according to the Los Angeles Times. They openly discuss the same number, just apply it to a different time period and social class. Source , , , , . , , .


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Uh-huh. Then okay. I am glad that we have made it clear.

* Referring to the famous song Ray Charles «Hit the Road, Jack».

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