DESTRUCTION OF OUR CHILDREN! On the whole territory of Russia.

Vaccinations will be of two kinds.
1.Privivka is designed for women of 12-30 years. Will be administered under
view of prevention, ostensibly to prevent cancer of the breast or uterus.
This vaccine will be mandatory in school.
Contents: Coincides with vaccinations, which were sterilized girls in Mexico, Nicaragua, Iraq.
Effects on the body: Create a permanent body, the so-called "false
pregnancy "and the rejection of the fetus at 3-4 months of pregnancy. Except
direct action, this vaccine has a huge mental
effect, unnecessarily numerous abortions late in pregnancy
create panic and fear of the very possibility of getting pregnant.
2. Vaccination is designed for women over 45 years.
Contents: human immunoglobulin preparations and GMOs.
Effects on the body: The dramatic excitement of immunity by an entered
"Young" immunity, followed, within 2-5 years of his sharp
reduction (without makeup "young immunity") to zero, ie
inability to fight off any infection.
KNOW! UNDER NO ONE has the right to vaccinate children ADULTS AND ENFORCED!
I appeal to all people who care about the fate of our women and children. Who
can help to spread this information. I ask everyone!
Do not be indifferent, read and think. If I say nothing, then
die a thousand women and children. And if I read it and tell you (and your friends
acquaintances). That will save someone’s life. Think about it. Together we are strong!
Disseminate this information through the internet, copy and print leaflets
hand out to people. Tell your friends, call the children and parents.
Warn those with whom you work, learn and live. Warn all
whom you know and who do not know. Tell people the truth.
For all employees of the Interior Ministry, the Federal Security Service and other security agencies forbid the dissemination of information, you also have wives and children.
So you have a choice: either to help their own people survive or purchase
coffins for their own grandchildren. This link will help you to understand.

Decide for yourself who you are? And whether you have children and grandchildren?

The information transmitted in RUSSIAN SOCIETY CHARITABLE 22.10.10g. on unknown vaccination under the guise of "vaccination against cancer," confirmed. This vaccine is already applied on the territory of Russia in the schools on a "voluntary basis".
One of the leaders of Russian Cancer Center has categorically denied the very possibility of a cure for cancer at the moment. According to him, in the case of the invention of a cure for cancer this information in one day would be known all over the world, and the specialist who created the medicine would receive a reward billionaire and lifetime monument of pure gold in London.
From a medical point of view of prevention of cancer in a particular organ is not possible.


TIPS: "In the hospital"

In accordance with (link) Federal Law № 157 "On immunoprophylaxis of infectious diseases": the citizens have the right to refuse vaccinations (link) (Article 5), and vaccinations to minors are conducted only with the consent of the parents (link) (Article 11). But sometimes in hospitals, despite the law, not that that does not ask permission, but did not even inform on vaccination baby! Therefore be on the alert, going to the hospital. Your task — at any cost to protect a newborn baby from harmful interference in a tiny body …

According to the law "On immunization …" vaccinations are carried out to citizens who do not have medical contraindications (Article 11), but that is obviously impossible to determine the presence of contraindications in the first 12 hours of a child’s life! First days after birth child health remains unclear, there is adaptation to life outside the mother, perhaps a manifestation of undetected immediately after birth trauma, intrauterine infection, etc. Made in such a situation, vaccination can have very serious consequences.
How do you protect your children? Even in the hospital it’s real, because of all the shots, and in general of any non-medical interventions would suit you now can give the law. Pre-write for a waiver from vaccinations (two copies) and stick it to the card issued by the women’s clinic, which you take with you to the hospital. The second copy of the application must be in your hands when you are on the postnatal ward. That your application is not "lost", is located on the front page of the card to write a red paste: "I refuse all vaccinations child disclaimer attached" and sign your name. It is highly desirable that both the card and the statement was the signature of the child’s father. Do not forget to warn physicians about your refusal and verbally, and on admission to the hospital, and after childbirth. Do not be afraid of a bad relationship to you during labor because of the refusal of vaccination, vaccination is not engaged obstetricians, deliver babies, and pediatricians with whom you deal after.
Remember that doctors descend from above so-called "graft-work plans", for which if not followed by a variety of sanctions, so you try to persuade him to consent to vaccination. This may be used by certain tricks:
— Do not sign any offer you the staff of the hospital papers without reading them thoroughly.
There were cases when some of the kinds of medical interventions in childbirth, for which you are being asked to give consent, transferred and child vaccination. Strike out this item from the list to you.
— Be prepared for the fact that you can prove to be very tough psychological pressure, you will subtly intimidate hepatitis B and tuberculosis. It is better not to enter into disputes with physicians, and this hassle you for anything, and they prove anything anyway pointless, since vaccination is an integral part of their official duties. If you do decide to bet, you can use the following arguments: in our family allergies, vaccination against hepatitis B is genetically-modified vaccine, BCG — live vaccine, is there any guarantee that my baby is all right to immunity and will not be complications, and t . §
— You might also say that they have no right to write you out of the hospital without BCG. This is a flagrant violation of the law! In the hospital you have no right to hold! If desired, you can at any time, even immediately after birth to take the baby and go home, the most that doctors can do — ask you to give a receipt that you take responsibility for the consequences of his departure. Refer to the Basic Law of the Russian Federation for the Protection of citizens’ health, Article 33 guarantees you the right to refuse medical intervention. Remember that the provision of medical care or hospitalization against the patient’s will be allowed only to the court and only if the patient is suffering from dangerous infectious (such as plague or SARS), or mental illness.
— Cancellations received BCG you may require a certificate from the TB prophylactic center of the absence of TB patients registered at the address of your accommodation. This requirement is illegal! If ever there were such instructions of Ministry of Health, the opening of the law "On immunoprophylaxis of infectious dise
ases," they all seem to conflict with federal law, have lost power. Of course, if you have the time and desire, you can get a certificate in the TB clinic in advance and take it with you to the hospital. But be prepared for the fact that doctors, wanting at all costs to vaccinate your child, penalize this help, finding fault with trifles to the style of the form, for example, there is no print is delivered, not the doctor signed, etc., and etc. Therefore, it is better not to waste time in the hospital and insist on compliance with the law. Please note the attached letter from the Health Committee of St. Petersburg, which refers to the prohibition of the requirements of certificates from TB clinic in hospitals. (P.23)
If you give birth fee, under a contract with the hospital, need to make to this agreement the following paragraph: "Supplier of medical services (hospital) agrees not vaccinate a child against hepatitis B and tuberculosis (BCG), and thus ensures a seamless extract the mother and baby from hospital without the requirement of any certificates of TB prophylactic center. " If you hesitate to do or not to vaccinate your child, try to at least protect it from the introduction of low-quality vaccines, from ignoring the medical contraindications to vaccination and on the care of physicians from liability in case, God forbid, post-vaccination complications. Let sign a commitment letter confirming that the vaccine has a quality certificate that the child is examined and contraindications have been identified, in the case of medical complications will be held liable. Unfortunately, there were already a lot of cases where the child’s parents, who became disabled as a result of vaccinations, and in need of a very expensive treatment, were left without any help from the state, and physicians, forcing them to this vaccine, turned out to be "nothing to do with." But what to do if your child has been vaccinated in the hospital without your knowledge or consent? First, stop and prevent the further introduction of genetically modified poison him (remember, the hepatitis B vaccine administered three times — after birth and at 1 and 6 months). Do not listen to the assurances of incompetent doctors that "you can not interrupt the chain of vaccines." No harm to health from this, in principle, can not be. The sooner you stop, the less your child will get the poison. Second, be sure to write a complaint to the prosecutor’s office with a list of the hospital staff violated articles of the laws, and go there by registered mail. You — a minimum of hassle and jerks vaccinators — a certain amount of trouble. So, you see, and think about the human rights and stop this outrage and violence by people for their own personal money, in the form of taxes received considerable funding for the delivery of health services.

And the last.
You become a mother, and therefore must be prepared to fight for the interests of their child. Now it will become an integral part of your life, and, of course, not only in terms of vaccinations. please be aware that unauthorized people, including doctors, the interests of your child at best indifferent, and, indeed, may even contradict their own. Remember that being in the hospital — it’s only been a week, and for the sake of the health of the child rudeness and threats physicians can bear. as shown by your cowardice, momentary weakness could cost your kid is very expensive. After all, the poison entered him just when his fragile body so vulnerable and defenseless, do not pump out the back.

TIPS FOR PARENTS: "In kindergarten / school"

When you register at the clinic medical records for admission to kindergarten child who vaccinations or not at all, or not all, you can once again face the blackmail: doctors would refuse to sign a card for kindergarten because of lack of vaccinations.

Naturally, their actions are illegal, temporary rejection of the child in kindergarten can only occur in the case declared in the garden quarantine disease that your child is not vaccinated, but, nevertheless, this is their last chance to force you to be vaccinated, and they will not fail to use it. In no case did not speak at the clinic, in which you go to kindergarten. Then you will be more difficult to talk with a nurse and manager, "prepared" call from the clinic. Write an application to the chief physician with the requirement to give medical records for kindergarten in two copies, one leave the clinic in the secretariat, on the second, which will remain in you, ask them to sign that they received it. A few days later try to get documentation. If you fail again, or go direct chain of command, such as SES, the immunological commission etc. (Immediately warn that go where you will be sent, does not make sense, because you will futbolit endlessly from one jurisdiction to another, and you only lose time in vain), write a complaint to the prosecutor’s office. The complaint, as an example, to which the prosecutor’s office will be able to rely on in the investigation, the decision should be accompanied by the chief sanitary doctor of Moscow to cancel orders for non-admission to kindergartens and schools unvaccinated children. (P.31) The prosecutor’s office is obliged to understand, take action and notify you in writing within a month, so start the paperwork to kindergarten in advance, taking into account the possibility of such a delay.
You can try to get the medical records for kindergarten in private clinic, having passed the necessary tests there and passed medical specialists. You can come to a private clinic, having all the experts in your free to go to the reception to the paid pediatrician and ask him to write the conclusion of the kindergarten, that there was the wording: for health reasons may attend kindergarten. You can try to resolve the issue with the help of a phone call or a visit to a higher authority — the city (regional) health committee. Usually there are more than competent in legal matters people, and seeing your strong commitment and knowledge of the law can go to meet and resolve the situation with the polyclinic. Problems may arise with your rejection of the sample
Mantoux test, as in the clinic and in kindergarten. In any case it is better not to do it, because, not to mention the hazard to health, this sample is not sharp, and can show the alleged presence of tuberculosis in a completely healthy child, in which case you wear out on the TB clinic, and to enroll in kindergarten will have to forget already for a long time. Fortunately, our legislation does not provide for any consequences of failure of the mantle, and departmental instructions and orders of physicians to do with you do not have an internal problem and are themselves health professionals working in the Ministry of Health.
Due to the shortage of places in kindergartens as early as possible to put a child on the waiting list. Thus necessarily require written certification statement of your child at all in this garden, for example, a receipt from the head of the garden:
I hereby certify that
(Name of Child)
included in the list waiting for a place in a kindergarten № ____ for
No. ______
(Signature Head)
Or write an application for admission to kindergarten in two copies, one to give the manager, ask to sign and date it and pick it up yourself. If you re waiting in the garden again, ask to fix it in writing. In no case do not even mention about your refusal to be vaccinated, saying that all medical records in your order, the child is healthy, etc. When it is your turn and you will come to take shape in the garden, there to discover the lack of child vaccinations will not be able to deny you on the pretext that supposedly there are no places in the garden.
If you are denied, calling out as the cause of the absence of v
accination, require to fix this in writing, by writing directly to the card that are denied admission due to lack of vaccinations. Then you have on hand will be clear evidence of violations of the rights of your child.
If the statement of the child to turn in kindergarten need to show medical documentation, and lack of vaccinations you denied this, write a statement demanding to put a child on the waiting list. Be sure to mention it in your intentions to complain to the Committee on Education and the prosecutor’s office. It is advisable to go to a meeting with government officials, along with a relative or friend as a witness and record the conversation on tape.
If you’re holding a signed health center medical records, to permit visits to the kindergarten, but the head nurse or garden refuse to accept the child because of his lack of immunizations, hand them a statement demanding to take the child, threatening to complaints to the Committee on Education, and the prosecutor’s office authorized for the protection of human rights. Most likely, this will be enough. If this does not work, try to solve the problem with a telephone call or a visit to the district (urban, regional) Education Committee. If you do not go there to meet you, write a complaint to the prosecutor’s office. Do not be afraid of that because of your struggle for the right of children to attend kindergarten without vaccinations to it will be a bad attitude from the staff. Practice shows a people conscious of their rights and are able to defend them, PREFER EXTRA TIME IN CONFLICT NOT TO ENTER.
Do not be afraid of negative attitude to your unvaccinated child from the parents of other children attending kindergarten.
The lack of your child’s vaccinations, you can keep a secret, and kindergarten staff and physicians do not have the right to disclose your child’s health information (whether or not the child has any illness or vaccination), the disclosure of such information legislation provides up to criminal liability.
If you do not consider it necessary to hide the fact neprivivaniya the child and the parents of other children have expressed to you any complaints about this, ask them if they made their children vaccinated. If yes, then ask, why did they fear, because their children are protected by vaccines. And if they do not believe in the power shots, that’s what they want from you?
In any case, if your child is enrolled in kindergarten without vaccination, or you first planted it, but then decided to stop, you need to write an application for rejection of the graft.
It shall be in duplicate, one you give or head nurse on the second ask them to sign for you to have on hand was a document confirming the fact of filing of such application and you get its employees kindergarten. Demand also record the fact that you refuse your child’s medical and make sure it’s done.
Remember that verbal refusal can not work on it can simply "forget". Do not believe the promises of vaccination warn you in advance when your child’s vaccination in the absence of graft rejection in writing "swing right" you will not be able, as does not prove the fact of his refusal.
If there is a written denial child still did any vaccine or Mantoux test, be sure to write a complaint to the prosecutor’s office, call or write to the Committee on Education and Health. This kind of lawlessness should be strictly suppressed, so that those involved in it never had a desire to break the law, forcing the children entrusted to them to pay for their health achievement of the planned "vaccination coverage"
Making an unvaccinated child to school, you need to act similarly to kindergarten, but this will be easier, because by law education is a must have, and as an ally in the fight against doctors who refuse to sign documents for school, you will be able to use the committee education. If your child is not enrolled in a school in the community, be sure to write it down there in advance, preferably right in the first day of the registration of future first-graders. Be sure to get a written confirmation that your child is enrolled in school, then to discover the lack of vaccinations, you will not be able to refuse on the grounds of alleged lack of space. In case of refusal of the school should complain to the Committee on Education, if it does not help the prosecution, but such a scenario is unlikely, in practice, to arrange an unvaccinated child to school is usually easier than in kindergarten.
Refusal of vaccination at school is made by the same principles as the rejection in kindergarten. It is desirable that a copy of it has always been in the diary of a child n Make sure to tell your child how he should act, if they start to be vaccinated or Mantoux, categorically forbid him to agree to any injections without your knowledge.

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