Digital city format from Mediavizor

The Russian company "Mediavizor" created a digital display street city format.


Video displays are steadily replacing traditional advertising market with light boxes. In fact, the development of Digital Signage and reflects the transition from a paper (metal, stone, wood, and so the media) to digital. But total victory Digital Signage is not possible without penetration of digital technologies is a city format. City-format — is a standardized, validated by the authorities advertising medium, covering, for example, in St. Petersburg, about 15 percent of the outdoor advertising market. Cityformat distinguishes prolonged contact with the consumer media advertising, which in bus shelters can be up to 10 minutes or more. Normal Lightbox, of course, can not give as much information per unit of time as a digit display, especially online. As an option, the company "Mediavizor" offers equipment displays city-size touchscreen component.

With the advent of two-way digital city format from the Russian company "Mediavizor" arises unprecedented opportunities for advertisers and cooperation of the authorities to inform the consumer of private and public services.

In the bilateral city-format company "Mediavizor"’s professional FULL HD LCD modules Samsung 70 "yakrostyu 2000 nit and a capacitive sensor technology.

When you create a two-way digital city format the specialists of "Mediavizor" had the task of building an effective cooling system, given the large heat of professional LCD-displays, ultra-high brightness (2000 nit) and ensuring their work electronically.

But it was necessary not only to provide the very cool, but keep at it as a thin, compliant with city-size design, and ensure ease of maintenance.

Therefore been applied, firstly special thermoregulatory system, and secondly, the construction itself was carried out on a "trasnformera":


This decision, as we see, for maximum ease of maintenance.




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