Domestic technological solutions designed to reduce road abnormal situation

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At the Chelyabinsk plant Ltd. "DAK" mastered serial production of the new generation of the differential for wheeled vehicles, based on — the invention of Valery Nikolayevich Krasikova. In any car is the differential that distributes the engine power to the wheels. The main problem — the usual differential often can not cope if you need to move on icy or snow-covered part of the road, or overcome icy hill — the car becomes unstable movement, is stalling (spinning one wheel, and the car does not drive). This applies to the wet roads.

AIBN (differential circuit Krasikova), unlike conventional differential transmit power is not at the "weak" and always — in "strong" tire having a maximum coefficient of grip. Dimensions in Duck same as that of the classical differential therefore are interchangeable. It consists of five parts, excluding beads and fasteners. Cornering, the wheels rotate at different speeds, coupled with semi-augers move the ball along the closed channels, and DAK works as a free differential. This happens as the two drive wheels realize an even or close to torque. As conditions change, the clutch of one of the wheels and the road surface balls in the channels of Dhaka bursting and do not allow augers rotate relative to each other. Differential locks. Unlocking the "ball" of the differential occurs automatically with the emergence of equal torque to the wheels.

Thanks to this feature wheels are better adheres to the road surface, significantly improving vehicle safety, throughput, and the dynamics of acceleration on any roads, brings its footing on slippery surfaces. DAK is available for cars and trucks in the axial and cross-axle variants, there are several schemes for use in motor vehicles. Among the latest developments — the differential DAC WHA 08 00 09 for front VAZ (LADA Kalina, Priora, Granta, Samara).

The new development DAK5 created for vehicles that are mainly used in urban areas, on public roads, and only occasionally go off-road. DAK5 feature — soft lock with a delay that increases the comfort of the application on the pavement (and other hard surfaces), and significantly increases its life. Like any other DAC, this model is in a locked state transfers 100% of the power of the strong wheel. DAK5 developers recommend the use of the city by car "Volga", "Sobol", "Gazelle", UAZ and machinery equipped with large diameter wheels and motor sport — for circuit racing, rallying, sprint.

For the sake of traffic safety at the Moscow plant "Coach" have created a universal device — a simulator for training novice motorists driving skills. The road environment is reflected on the screens that simulate the windshield (with an overview of 75 — 180 degrees). By special program cars, virtually moving forward, and a detour across the path, suddenly create extreme situations that mastering driving should immediately react. To acquire the "contingency" situation can be repeated more than once.

Developments on display at the recent innovative exhibitions.


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In the photo: 1) the "classical" differential and DAK (photo 2 — more), and 3) avtotrenazher, creating "extreme situation on the roads."

Author: Nikita Vorozhischev

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