Double eruption on the volcano Gamalama

Double eruption on the volcano Gamalama Natural Disasters

On the Indonesian island of Ternate, there were two separate volcanic eruption Gamalama. They were the result of increasing seismic activity in the mountains and forced observers to raise danger code to three four-level scale. There are witnesses that rose above the crater of the volcano ash column, although familiar to the eruption of noise was not heard.

At the height of the eruption of the crater seemed hot lava. All the neighboring villages were sheltered thick layer of ash, but the official announcement of the evacuation of the island, a full-time volcano and adjacent areas have been reported yet.
Gamalamy previous eruption occurred on 4 December 2011. Then the ashes flew over the crater to a height of 2 km. Ternate city is completely covered with soot. By the end of the month of lahars killed 4 people and dozens were injured. Around the panic and chaos reigned.
Example lahars that occurred in 1982 during the eruption of the volcano Galungung located on about. Java.
Since about. Ternate has long been a center of the spice trade for the Dutch and Portuguese, the history of its eruptions preserved well enough, from the 16th century. Most often erupting volcano crater, but in 1763, 1770, 1775 and 1962-63 respectively were observed lateral eruption craters and cones.

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