Earthquake in Lorca caused interference with ground water

Earthquake in Lorca caused interference with ground water Scientists have shown

Examining the wealth of data on the fault, the scientists concluded that the cause of a fairly strong earthquake of 5.1 earthquake that occurred in the Spanish city in 2011, has become a frequent and improper human intervention in the bowels of the earth. Then a start killing 9 people and caused enormous damage to the city itself.

With the help of satellite images revealed the direction in which there is a movement of the soil. Researchers found the correspondence of these shifts in relatively shallow fault those locations south of the city, where for many years in the drainage works carried out in bulk underground storage of water.

As the depth of the fault was only 3 km from the jolt of destruction just 5.1 earthquake was so extensive. Prompted a search for unusual reasons was that suddenly the water level in a nearby pool in Alto Guadalentin, from taking water for irrigation, fell to 250 meters in the last 50 years. We continue our study of the case, experts have suggested that the earthquake would occur in any event, since the area has high seismic activity. But human intervention has accelerated and intensified the natural process.

Earthquake in Lorca once again proves that the uncontrolled destruction of the integrity of the geological ground, all kinds of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas and other minerals, can have the most unexpected seismic effects.

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