Earthquake in southern Italy

Earthquake in southern Italy Natural Disasters

Tremor power in five balls occurred at night in the Italian province of Cosenza, the southern region of Calabria, where most residents slept. After impact, the citizens ran to the street and spent rest of the night for fear of aftershocks. On the streets of panic prevailed as strongly push shattered houses and apartments.

It is reported that an elderly Italian died of a heart attack triggered by an earthquake. On the walls of a hospital in the small town of Mormanno large cracks have appeared, forcing the administration to evacuate people and hospitalized personnel. In the historic center of the town damaged several ancient buildings of historical value. Temporarily closed the temple in Mormanno.

Rescuers made evacuation in the nearby city Laino Borgo. At this point being made to assess the torture inflicted cataclysm caused. Seismologists from the Institute of Geophysics of Italy found that after the main 15-tisekundnogo shock was followed by a minimum of 14 additional episodes.

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