Earthquake in Turkey. Photos

Earthquake in Turkey. Interesting Photos

Earthquake in Turkey strength 7.2, which occurred October 23, 2011, claimed the lives of more than 450 residents of the province of Van in Turkey. More than 2 thousand buildings destroyed and 1,300 people injured.

1) 46 hours after the earthquake in Erkis rescuers found under the rubble of the house two-week girl Karadum Azrou. They feel a great joy from helping the baby, hoping that her mother and grandmother also be saved.

2) Two men comfort each other near the collapsed buildings in Erkis. 3 thousand rescuers are working at the scene.

3) Rescue is trying to find possible survivors in gaps debris struck the building.

4) after the earthquake survivor searches his belongings in the ruins of the house October 25, 2011.

5) The gravediggers working in Erkis October 25, 2011.

6) The funeral of the victims of the earthquake in Erkis October 25, 2011.

7) Number of burial increases as finding more and more dead bodies.

8) More than 10,000 homeless people are forced to find ways to keep warm in the changing weather conditions — cold snap.

9) Turkish soldiers watching the rescue operation. Saving people is accompanied by singing.

10) A man carrying bread in place of evacuation. Lack of food and shelter covered region, and many victims simply rob carts full of food before they reach the goal.

11) People are spending their time in the ruins of buildings.

12) Residents dismantle the tent out of the truck Turkish Red Cross October 24, 2011. In most of the city off heating and half of the victims can not be supported in the form of tents.

13) In Erkise camps survived the earthquake. Search for survivors continues.

14) Relatives of the victims of the earthquake watch as rescuers try to help survivors.

15) The survivors try to find survivors after the earthquake things.

16) Relatives of victims support each other.

17) Rescue comes in a crevice between two dilapidated houses.

18) A boy looks through the slit of the destroyed building. Many people are still considered the Disappeared.

19) A man sleeps on the concrete rubble.

20) More than 2,200 buildings were destroyed during the earthquake in Turkey 23 October 2011.

21) Rescuers work barehanded with heavy equipment, trying to find survivors in the rubble of people.

22) Rescuers have found the wreckage survivor October 24, 2011.

23) A man who survived an earthquake, stands on the ruins of the buildings.

24) together with the residents of rescuers trying to find survivors in the debris of homes October 23, 2011.

25) 13-year-old boy who died with his hand on his shoulder waits until it would get from the ruins of the building Oct. 24, 2011.

26) People help each other escape from the wreckage of 23 October 2011.

27) All those who only can, trying to participate in the rescue of survivors of major ea October 23, 2011.

28) Rescue sneaking in the dark through the rubble of collapsed buildings in search of survivors Erkis October 25, 2011.

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