Equipment for the gold deposit Pavlik came on


Three mills being built in the area Tenkinskiy Kolyma gold processing plant in the field "Pavlik" (JSC "Pavlik SAM") delivered to the Magadan region, will soon begin transporting them by road Tent-Kullu-Neksikan, said Tuesday the administration of the region. 

"The most difficult piece of equipment manufacturing Sweden weighs 54 tons. Reinforced concrete foundation for the installation of mills is ready. Installation will be done in-house, and installation supervision — with the participation of experts from the United States. Works are on schedule. First of all mining and processing plant is scheduled to commercial operation in December 2013, "- said in a statement.

Transporting the mill on a dirt road and a narrow Tenkinskogo will be possible after the complete preparation for the operation, told RIA Novosti the Road Department of the Administration of Magadan Oblast.

"So far, we have not given permission for the movement of the column: the road not prepared. Some sections are broken floods, bridges need to be strengthened. So now the road builders and specialists deposit" Pavlik "will preparatory work" — said the official.

Magadan region in 2014, plans to increase gold production to 35-40 tons. Growth is expected from new projects: the fields "Natalka" (masters Polyus Gold) and "Pavlik" (owned by JSC "Pavlik SAM"), whose total production in 2014 could reach 13.5 tons.

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