Every third inhabitant of Namibia face hunger due to drought

August 13, 2013. The strongest over the past 30 years, drought struck the country in Southern Africa. According to weather forecasts, rainfall in Namibia in the near future is expected. Nearly a third of the population, according to the UN, is on the verge of a humanitarian disaster.

The UN estimates that more than 700 thousand people in Namibia could face food shortages, reports Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia. Among them — more than 100 million children under five years of age.

"We are faced with the most severe drought in decades, some areas of the country are in a critical situation," — said the representative of Unicef in Namibia Macael Marques de Sousa.

In May, President Hifikepunye Lucas Pohamba declared a state of emergency and sent a € 15 million to assist families in need. However, government data differ from the figures of the UN. According to the president, more than 400 million people need food aid, but the allocated money is not enough. The UN has reported additional € 5,5 million needed to deal with the crisis, and the "Red Cross" have asked for a € 1 million

A week ago, the head of the regional committee of the province Kavango Bonnie Vakudumo made an official statement about the situation. According to her, the crisis has affected people all over the region. In one province, bordering Angola, no rain for two years. Because of this, between the neighboring countries is growing tension: people cross the Namibian border with Angola in search of water. In some villages there were only women and children because the men went to get water to water their cows and goats that affect the lives of many families. Others moved to cities to work, but faced a shortage of jobs. Many children stopped going to school because their help is needed at home.

The government says that the population has already provided 52 tons of corn, but some remote areas of Namibia assistance from the government and have not received. According to the Ministry of Health of the country in hospitals are increasingly looking emaciated people, and at least 46 people have been victims of famine.

Source: RT

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