Fishing rates are going up

C beginning of the year the Russian fisheries management organizations produced 2 million 548.6 thousand tons of aquatic biological resources. It is 59.2 thousand tons (2.4%) more than in the same period last year. 

In the Far Eastern basin of a total catch of 1 million 727.4 thousand tons, 32 tons more than in 2012 told Fishnews at the center of public relations Rosrybolovstva on the pollock fishery fishermen have mastered the 1 million 163.8 thousand tons — 5.8 million tons more than last year.

In the northern basin of companies produced 393.6 thousand tons, 0.6 million tons of exceeding last year’s level. Caught 272 tonnes of cod (53 million tonnes compared with the same period in 2012) and 49.6 million tonnes of haddock (51.5 tons). Catches of capelin were 60.4 thousand tons — 3.3 tons less than the balance sheet date 2012

In the Baltic Sea fishermen caught 27.2 tons of FBG, compared with last year there is a lag of 1.3 thousand tons. Extraction of sprat increased by 0.9 thousand tons and 16.5 million tons. Disbursed 7.1 thousand tons of Baltic herring, for the same period in 2012 it was caught by 1.6 thousand tons.

In the Azov-Black Sea basin catches amounted to 16.6 thousand tons (0.8 tons). The increase in the anchovy fishery — 3.7 tons, from the beginning of the year caught 11.8 thousand tons of fish. Catches of sprat by 3 tonnes below last year’s level and are 0.7 tonnes.

In the Caspian Basin fishermen caught 19.9 tons of aquatic biological resources of 0.9 million tonnes more than in the same period of 2012 Disbursed 1.1 tonnes of sprat (0.2 tons) and 15 , 7 thousand tons of large and small freshwater species (0.1 tons).

In the areas of foreign countries domestic fishers produced 242.4 thousand tons GBR — by 14.5 thousand tons more than in the same period in 2012 in the Convention area and the open part of the World Ocean has caught 121.5 thousand tons, 13.3 thousand tons more than last year

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