Flooding in China has killed 11 people

August 16, 2013. In the northeastern Chinese province of Heilongjiang, located in the Amur River basin as a result of large-scale flooding in the past seven days, 11 people were killed, three were reported missing. The number of victims in this period of almost two million people. From the city of Tongjiang, located on the border with Russia, had to urgently evacuate the more than four thousand inhabitants.

Incessant rains provoked a flood of local rivers, including the Amur and Songhua Nenjiang. As a result of flooded were about 1.44 million hectares of farmland, nearly 2.6 thousand homes were flooded or destroyed by flood waters. According to preliminary estimates, only direct damages caused by the province element billion.

Chinese meteorologists have not yet given comforting forecasts, promising in the coming days, high rainfall and, consequently, the deterioration of hydrological situation. Meanwhile, the water is already in the Songhua River in Tongjiang risen to a level of 55.79 meters. It is 0.89 meters above the critical level. The waters of the Amur River rose to a mark of 55.33 meters, that is 1.33 meters above the critical value.

Source: News Gismeteo

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