Flooding in north-west Turkey

Flooding in north-west Turkey Natural Disasters

Heavy rains in the western part of Turkey have caused flooding in the two provinces, and Kirklareli Tekirdağ. Badly damaged, the Lüleburgaz where homes and offices flooded with water and the local river, which burst its banks. Because of rain for seven hours was suspended traffic on the road leading out of the city. There is information about the three victims living in Lyuleburgazskom area. Another two people were reported missing.

The rain fell so much that the people of the region had to be rescued from Anatolia water, climbing on trees, rooftops, and Jatiya there while they have not been members of rescue services arrive. In g.Tekirdag thus were saved 300 people. Do not know how things work in small remote villages, as rain has crippled the road is the only way of communication between them and the district center. Rescuers did not exclude the possibility that the water could carry several river bridges.
As the rains continue, and in some areas suspended classes in schools. Residents of some villages reported that suffered from showers available grain crops. Meteorologists meanwhile warned over the western provinces of Turkey that soon and they will get heavy rainfall. Therefore, management should prepare in advance rescuers and citizens to possible trouble.

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