Flooding in the Amur region: Army Corps of Engineers will induce crossing

August 6, 2013. Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Puchkov off in the flood zone in the Amur region, to personally monitor the progress of flood control works — it is reported in the press service of the Ministry. Meanwhile, the elimination of consequences of natural disasters attract additional forces the Defense Ministry. The military will help the people most affected communities Zeya district. Flood damage is already estimated in the millions.

It is not just a natural disaster — the inhabitants of the Annunciation and the Ivanovo regions are preparing for the defense, as if for battle. Mounds of sandbags and soil — the last line of defense, the parapet in front of a merciless enemy. The water heats the house, destroying crops, killing livestock and pets.

"But at least it did not exist, even if she was asleep, and that already and so have suffered fear. For vegetable gardens yes for children ", — said villager Sergeevka Vladimir Quay.

In a state of high alert residents of Ust-Ivanovka Cheremhovo, Nina. The village Volodymyrivka four streets flooded and more than 50 homes. Without a roof over your head at risk of being about 300 people.

"We evacuated children, the elderly non-ambulant. Who can not take himself or take care of myself. All normal people are here to stay. What do we do? All that can be picked up on the second floor ", — says Irina Sidorova, a resident of the village Volodymyrivka. "It's just a shame, you know. We bought a house two months ago. Made repairs, and everything was flooded, "- said another resident Vladimirovka Bogdan Kulynych.

Raging stream — Manchzhurka River, a tributary of the Amur River. At this point in the normal state of a stream. If water comes out of the coast, residents Sergeevka left without ambulance mail products.

"Listen to all the forecasts and FEMA, and hydrologists. Because Cupid — the river treacherous. No wonder it's called "Black Dragon." From it you can just wait for anything, "- said the head of the village council of the village Sergeevka Vasily Andreev.

The village Markovo spilled Cupid divided in two. Were cut off several houses and a border post. In the village of Ignatevo farmers still trying to save the animals. "We built rafts. Cost a lot of pigs to his chest in water. Cows morning sdaivali into the water, "- says a resident of Blagoveshchensk Andrew Khizhnyak.

From the Amur village Ivanivka had to evacuate 250 residents, about a hundred people were left to guard the property, but they spend the night in a temporary stay. Flooded homes, gardens, church. When will this nightmare, no one knows. "Where to go — do not quit farming. Swim, milking cows. All that's left — the chickens on the roof, the roof rabbits "- says Natalya resident Ivanovka Kissel.

Zeya River spilled over hundreds of kilometers from the hydroelectric plant. Under the threat of flooding 30 villages. Heavy rains fill the reservoir too quickly. On the Zeya hydroelectric station with the first days of August passed to the "idle discharge", but the water keeps coming.

In the Zeya district washed away a power pole. Six villages were several days without electricity. The roads are washed, ground post sometimes just paralyzed. On the most dangerous sections of lifeguards. Hundreds of Russian tourists can not return home because of the broken crossing Blagoveshchensk-Heyhe.

In Khorolsky region of Primorsky Krai air transport is the only means of transportation. On board the helicopter can be clearly seen as heavy streams of water destroyed roads. Do not save time and timber flooring. Right on the banks of the newly formed streams people are living in makeshift camps and vehicles. MES delivers food, victims are transported to the mainland, closer to civilization. Then — as lucky with the weather and transport.

"Due to the weather conditions do not fly helicopters, ships do not go. We live in a hotel for two weeks, "- says a resident of the village Horol Svetlana Gordeeva.

Argun River in the Trans-Baikal region overflowed its banks and broke into the homes of villagers late at night. "I hear the seethes. The water has gone into hiding. It was in the morning. At the neighbor lower house is worth, it forwards beginning to sink. They till the morning sitting on chairs, "- says a resident of the village Zorgol Sergey Kurkov.

Flooded grasslands, pastures, orchards. Most went to the farmers. In the paddocks hundreds of dead animals. "Suddenly it all came. Night. I shepherd even dropped everything, ran into the hills on horseback. Cows rescued horses rescued. Pigs and piglets drowned. Piglets were probably 50 goals, "- says Yuri Kychikov farmer.

Torrential rains in the Far East and Trans-Baikal region in the Amur region on the weather forecasters continue. Flood peak experts predict for the coming Wednesday, but the weather can always make their own adjustments in forecasts and future plans of the people.

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August 7, 2013. At present, 11 villages of five districts of the Amur Region remain flooded 139 houses and 21 sites highways. More than 1,700 people were evacuated. According to the MOE, is now in the aftermath of the flood involved more than 6,500 people and over a thousand vehicles. Flood situation in the Amur region difficult for more than two weeks ago, when, due to heavy rains raise the water level in the local rivers.

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In the Amur region flooded more than 600 homes and the situation is getting worse

August 8, 2013. Ministry of Emergency Situations reports that the water level in the Amur River continues to rise and flooding could affect the Khabarovsk Territory. At the same Amur stopped cross-border navigation, emergency services evacuated people and take control of dangerous objects.

In the Amur region flooded 17 villages. In the water were 627 houses, inhabited by 795 people, including more than 200 children. People in Blagoveshchensk panic: disappear from store shelves bottled water, canned food, cereals and candles, gas stations can not cope with the flow of vehicles.

Most affected by the disaster settlements that are on the bank of the Zeya. Almost completely flooded suburban village Volodymyrivka, residents move through the streets only by boat. Local hospital was evacuated last night: sanaviatsii exported 15 people, including mothers and seriously ill. Another 40 people were sent to hospitals in buses. Meanwhile, rumors of a crack in the dam of a local power plant, but, fortunately, the local authorities deny this information.

"Dangerous" is the level of 750 cm, now before this point is lacking is 11 cm Meanwhile, the Ministry of Emergency Situations warns that the water comes. And not only in the area of Blagoveshchensk (where at the moment the situation is more dangerous than most), but also near Khabarovsk: just a day level rose by 13 cm

Rescue operations in the region coordinates personally Russian Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Puchkov. Especially controlled life-support systems — post office, medical facilities and other social facilities — in places where the probability of flooding.

Because of the high water today decided to suspend the movement of passenger and cargo ships of international traffic (Nizhneleninskoye and Tongjiang). River passenger flights between Khabarovsk and China Fuyuan will be closed from August 11.

Flooding in the Amur region was triggered by rainy weather that caused the rise in water level in the rivers. Only in July fell to about 300 mm of rainfall, which is half the annual rate. According to forecasters, the rains will continue until August 12.

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