Flooding in the Far East

Amur Oblast. Flood

August 11, 2013. No comments yet.

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The Governor of the Amur region: water falls, but still a lot of problems

August 11, 2013. In the Far East by the floods affected more than 11.5 thousand. In the Amur region due to heavy rains the situation has deteriorated dramatically. Flooded nearly 750 homes in which they live about 1200 people. More information about the flood situation said on the phone the regional governor Oleg Kozhemyako.

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Risk area: Khabarovsk is preparing for a record flood

August 11, 2013. In the Far East, count the damage from the powerful floods. It is known that the amount exceeds one billion rubles, and this — only preliminary estimates. The floods affected more than eleven and a half thousand people. The day before due to heavy rains in the Amur region sharply deteriorated.

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Bridges and roads can not withstand flooding in the Amur region

August 10, 2013. In the Amur region has significantly increased the flood situation. Flooded more than 30 localities on local roads impassable — Blurry 20 sites, 30 bridges collapsed, the streets of towns and villages except that you can move only by boat. Flood affected and Blagoveshchensk.

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Russia ran out of cash reserves on liquidation of emergencies in 2013

August 10, 2013. The Russian government may have to take advantage of this year's funds earmarked in the budget for 2014 for dealing with emergencies, as a reserve of 10 billion rubles this year has been exhausted, according to news agencies, Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Shatalov. The reason for that was the damage caused by floods in the Far East, amounting to about 1 billion rubles.

"On Tuesday, expect to work with the disposal of the Government Emergency Assistance. Despite the fact that the Reserve Fund of the Government in the amount of exhausted 10 billion for this year, we will have to change the budget schedule, we may have to transfer funds from next year ", — said Sergey Shatalov at the meeting under the leadership of the President of the Russian Federation on the flood situation in the Russian regions .

According to him, worked out the allocation of regional budget loans and grants early.

"You have all the correct and timely to count," — said in response to this, Vladimir Putin. "It is necessary that the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Regional Development and the Ministry of Finance jointly worked and assessed the degree of participation and share of the federal budget, all that can and should be done by federal agencies," — he said.

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