German spy caught in tied with Russian special services

Caught up in the German spy linked to Russian intelligenceManfred K., who was detained at the U.S. military base in the German town of Ramstein on suspicion of spying, tied with the Russian secret services. According to British newspaper The Times citing a senior German journalist, the FSB offered him seven million pounds sterling in cash (more than 10 million dollars) for the access to the hidden disk imaging.

In an official press release, the German prosecutor's office, posted on August 7, said that Manfred K. was planning to municipal Undercover "third party." How much money he paid for it and who was the third party that is not reported.

As noted by The Times, Manfred K., who worked as a civilian at the NATO base in a couple of years upload files related to the strategic plans of the U.S. around the world, and passwords to programs when necessary, access to which has only senior military officials. Counterintelligence at this point is trying to understand what has got to whatever information, mined Manfred K., in the wrong hands. Earlier, prosecutors argued that the hidden data to third parties is not inherited.

Manfred K., the newspaper said, is an embittered man, dissatisfied own salary and status. Hidden information would assist him to secure a decent retirement.

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