Gold mine Violet — a new growth point


In 2010, the company ZAO "Violet", part of the holding of "Kamchatka Gold" has started implementation of an investment project for the extraction of gold from this field. Now they are working on the extraction of gold ore and build a modern mining and processing plant.

The explored reserves of "Amethyst" account for 52 tonnes of gold and 175 tons of silver. At present, the industrial fishing ore. Now the company’s employees are preparing to launch the main production: mining and stockpiling gold ore.

After launching in 2014, the main production facilities combine to "Amethyst" is planned to produce about 3.5 tons of gold annually. The end product of the enterprise will be an alloy of gold and silver, which will continue to be directed to refineries for the production of pure metals.

It is planned that the company will pay more than half a billion rubles a year in taxes.

Today, the province has two mining companies producing gold ore processing with a similar scheme: Agin and Asachinskoe plants. Their performance of 150,000 tons of ore. We plan to process 500,000 tonnes of ore annually for 10 years ", — said the Managing Director of" Violet "Maxim Poltorak.

The project for the extraction of gold in "Amethyst" field is considered one of the most complex and costly. All materials and equipment required for mining operations at the plant delivered by sea to the village of Tilichiki, and then in the period from January to May, winter road are imported.


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