Photo exhibition helicopter industry HeliRussia-2013 — the only one in Russia, where Russian and foreign companies present world achievements full range of products and services to the helicopter industry — from design and manufacture to maintenance.

HeliRussia not only allows you to show the achievements of Russian industry, but also draws on the Russian market is the best company of the world, promotes international cooperation in the helicopter industry. This is an opportunity to meet with industry leaders, company directors and to discuss collaboration and interaction.

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For the first time at HeliRussia 2013 on the company’s stand Eurocopter helicopter is presented EC145 (BK-117C2) in medical configuration. Operator of the machine acts of state fiscal agency "Moscow Aviation Centre" (MAC) with a base in the suburban Ostafyevo.

In addition to three medical ES145 in the park center fire machine: three Ka-226, one Mi-26 and one Bell-429.

IAC operates EC145 with 2007, the average plaque than 1500 hours during six years to rescue more than 2,500 people., Including, as reported Show Observer IAC director Kirill Svyatenko, last year — 866 people.

According to the doctor-resuscitation Sergei Sannikov, EC145, which is adapted for medical operations: the car has a fairly spacious cabin, wide side and hinged rear doors and the main and tail rotor located high up that allows you to quickly carry out the loading and unloading of the victims without turning off the engine.

Features of the rotor head with a rigid mounting of the blades provide high maneuverability of the helicopter during flight in the city. At the same time, according to Sannikov, vibration is minimal, and work with victims can be started immediately after takeoff. When flying in the crew should consist of four members: two pilots and two doctors.

At present, Moscow is equipped with eight landing sites, in other places it is possible to sit down with the selection of the site from the air. On the territory of Moscow has extended a 26 helipads. According to Cyril Svyatenko, in connection with the expansion of Moscow park IAC will be increased by a further several medical helicopters.

Eurocopter also uses HeliRussia 2013 for the first demonstration in Russia and the CIS single-engine helicopter of its new EC130 T2.

The helicopter is based on the model EC130, while modernization has undergone more than 70% of construction: put a more powerful and modern engine Turbomeca Arriel 2D, developed a unique air-conditioning system for the first time on the machine easy class equipped with an active vibration damping system and a new digital control system of the engine .

According to the head of the subsidiary helicopter — Eurocopter Vostok Laurence Rigolini, as a result of the performance and comfort level helicopter EC130 T2 is now the best in comparison to all the predecessors of the family of light single-engine helicopters, Eurocopter.

In addition, EC130 T2 is the quietest machine on the market thanks to its tail rotor system Fenestron, patented Eurocopter. "We think it will be very popular in Russia," — said Ms. Rigolini.

In addition, Eurocopter promises to soon bring in a Russian helicopter EC145 T2. This is a new version of the twin-engine helicopter EC145, which also has a more powerful Turbomeca Arriel 2E engines and tail rotor system Fenestron, improved avionics and flight control system.

Another novelty will be the EC135 T3/P3, first presented in March of this year at the Heli-Expo 2013. This modification differs improved EC135 helicopter flight characteristics when operating at high altitudes and in hot climates, increased maximum take-off weight, extended range of flight conditions.



The first AW139 medium twin-engine helicopter assembled in Russia will be delivered to the customer in June 2013, told the company AgustaWestland. The client’s name is not disclosed, but we know that it is a private person who ordered two of these helicopters.

The second machine must be placed at the beginning of autumn 2013 Helicopters will be substituted in the VIP-configuration. They are also equipped with an integrated anti-icing system FIPS (Full Ice Protection System), which allows to operate in all weather conditions.

In addition, the first day of the exhibition company HeliVert (a joint venture holding company "Helicopters of Russia" and AgustaWestland) and distributor of AgustaWestland helicopters in Russia, the company Exclases Holdings has signed a new contract to supply five AW139 helicopters assembled in Russia. These machines will be placed in VIP-, as in the usual transport configuration.

The central cabinet can be removed and put another row of seats.

Assembling the AW139 is now in the suburban HeliVert Tomilino. First collected in this type of Russian helicopter took to the air in December 2012 for the first five years HeliVert plans to enter the assembly capacity of up to 20 helicopters per year. Now Russia has operated several foreign AW139 assembly, and the number of orders for this model exceeded 20 units.

This helicopter has been sold.

At the entrance to the exhibition visitors are welcomed AW119.

< p> Kamov

Light multi-purpose helicopter Ka-226T with coaxial rotors, designed holding company "Helicopters of Russia" (a subsidiary of "Oboronprom" entering into a state corporation "Rostekhnadzor") Fitted with a medical unit and intended for emergency medical evacuation, has become one of the central pieces HeliRussia- of 2013.

Ka-226T with engines Turbomeca’s Arrius 2G1 has a modular design and can be used as a rescue and evacuation, troop or patrol helicopter.

Precision control and advanced flight control and navigation equipment allow the Ka-226T is easy to maneuver in dense housing and the mountainous terrain and the lack of a tail rotor and compact dimensions allow the Ka-226T helicopter landing pads to sit on the small size.

However, some experts point out shortcomings and Ka-226T for medical use. According to them, coaxial helicopters organically inherent in a higher level of vibration and noise in the cabin, which makes the work of the medical staff. In addition, the relatively low-lying helicopter rotor difficult loading and unloading of the affected engine running.



Russia’s first light twin-engine helicopter with Bell-429EMS/VIP convertible passenger-medical facilities will be delivered to the customer in August this year, the company Jet Transfer — the official dealer of Bell Helicopter in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The helicopter will be operated in the north-west of the country. Medical version of Bell-429 was originally designed for the needs of the Swiss ambulance service Air Zermatt, which successfully exploits the first such machine in the alpine highlands.

Now, however, the manufacturer has added the ability to quickly convert ambulance to the VIP-transport. In the arrangement of passenger helicopter is designed to carry 5-6 people., And in the medical carry up to two stretcher patients and three paramedics. Conversion time is not more than 15 minutes.
On the stand provided with a copy of Bell-429, equipped with VIP-cabins.

Last year, Russia was delivered 7 Bell helicopters of various types. Total fleet of the American manufacturer, operated in the country, now more than 50 units. The most popular models are the Russian Bell-429 and Bell-407 single-engine.

On the first day of the HeliRussia St. Petersburg company "Transas" signed a cooperation agreement with Jet Transfer, the official representative of the U.S. helicopter manufacturer Bell Helicopter.
Under the agreement, from next year on helicopters Bell-407 and Bell-429, equipped with GLONASS / GPS, will be installed satellite receiver-TSS production "Transas". As described in the "Transas", this device is intended for simultaneous reception and processing of the signals of GLONASS and GPS, as well as signals from other prospective satellite orbital groupings such as the European GALILEO and the Chinese BeiDou.

TSS has already been successfully used in more than 300 aircraft, including helicopters and abroad on all models Mi-8/17 family.

Motor Sich

Ukrainian engine builders "Motor Sich", a traditional party HeliRussia, this year for the first time at the exhibition shows the layout of the helicopter SME-2 in full size.

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It is a light multi-purpose helicopter, created on the basis of Russian Mi-2. In 2011, "Motor Sich" was certified developer of the helicopter.

SME-2 differs from its predecessor improved flight characteristics — instead of conventional power plants GTD-350 machine will be installed today are more powerful turboshaft gas turbine engines AI-450M.


In addition, SME-2 will be equipped with new fuel tanks on the external load, which will increase the useful volume of the cargo hold, improve ergonomics of the passenger cabin and increase range.

Maximum take-off weight of the new helicopter will be 4 tons car can reach speeds of 210 km / h, cruising speed will be 200 km / h

Flight distance reach 750 km.

SME-2 will be equipped with advanced air navigation complex and is designed to carry 8 people.

As reported in April 2013, Interfax-Ukraine has already begun testing the helicopter SME-2 and preparation for mass production. Certify the car is planned before the end of the year.

Sergei Sikorsky spent about Mi-2 for 15 minutes and spoke with representatives of the "Motor Sich".

American Joint helicopter supplier Robinson intends to install on their lungs piston helicopters R22 newly built fuel tanks with rubber inserts. Earlier, in late 2010, the manufacturer issued a service bulletin to replace the rubberized aluminum tanks on all in-service helicopter model R44. This measure is intended to eliminate the possibility of fuel leakage from the tanks during the emergency landing in the event of damage.

On the first day HeliRussia 2013 event took place is not particularly noticeable, but very important. Chairman of the Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) Vladimir Bespalov (center) and general director of the General Administration of Civil Aviation Ramon Gamarra Peru signed an agreement "On mutual recognition of airworthiness documents." This document facilitates the issuance of export certificates of airworthiness and makes the smooth procedure of registration of new Russian-made helicopters in the aircraft register of the Republic of Peru.

According to Ramon Gamarra, in Latin America Peru pioneered the use of Russian helicopters and now it has been ranked by their number. According to the present at the ceremony, Director General of the airline "UTair" Andrei Martirosov, the agreement will expand the market and improve the level of transport security, because now all interaction between the aeronautical authorities of the two countries will be held in the framework of standard procedures.

Through this agreement the company Helisur, which is part of a group of "UTair", will be able to develop the commercial exploitation of Russian helicopters of the Mi-8/17. Now the airline’s fleet of 19 helicopters of the family, and in the beginning of June 2013 will be delivered two more cars — MI-171 and MI-8AMT.

For the maintenance and repair of helicopters in 2012 in Peru was established branch "UTair-Engineering". Certification center for maintenance of Russian helicopters aviation authorities of Russia and Peru will be
completed in the coming months. It is expected that in August the company Helisur for scheduled maintenance will go first helicopter.


And a few more pictures, sketches without news.

UAV for lyubiletey shoot from the air presented at the exhibition.



On the stand, "Russian Helicopters"

The new helicopter for UTAIR

The most unusual in form Italian business jet.













Cardboard Mi-171. On the second day was not ready.

Sergey Mikheyev — the main constructs of "Kamov".

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