Hours PS-90A aircraft grade TU over 1 million hours


In October 2012, the total operating time of aircraft engines PS-90A engines installed on airplanes of the brand, "Tu" for the entire period of operation has exceeded one million hours and amounted to 1,000,991 hours.

To date, the airline operating the three countries — Russia, North Korea and Cuba — is 41 aircraft grade "TU" (Tu-204 and Tu-214 in various versions), which are equipped with PS-90A engines. Since the beginning of 2012 Permian engines worked on the wing "Tupolev" cars more than 86,000 hours, or 22,840 flight cycles. At the same time between the engine without removal for repair exceeded 2,000 flight cycles.

Aleksey Mikhalev, managing director of OJSC "Perm Engine Company":

— It is symbolic that the next significant operational milestone engines PS-90A broke during the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the design office of JSC "Tupolev". Almost all of these years, aircraft designers and Perm engine builders working in close cooperation, which opened many bright pages in the history of world and domestic aviation.

Today, our strong partnership continues to evolve: completes the certification test Tu-204SM, which opens the way to heaven was developed in cooperation with Pratt & Whitney and has improved performance PS-90A2. A significantly increase the resource characteristics of the now operated by the PS-90A will allow them to rework the latest modification of PS-90A3u, mastered by OAO "Perm Engine Company".

For reference — the most famous airplanes with engines permskogof production, developed Tupolev:

TU-2 — Tactical dive bomber with engines AL-82FN among the best bomber of the Second World War.

Tu-4 — Long-range heavy bomber — the Soviet "flying fortress" — equipped with the most powerful in the world after the war piston engines AL-73TK.

Tu-124 — Short-haul aviation aircraft with D-20P, developed and produced in Perm — the world’s first passenger aircraft with turbofan turbofan engine.

Tu-134 / Tu-154 — The most massive and world-famous aircraft of domestic civil aviation, their engine D-30 in various versions in 60-90th years of XX century — the main engine of civil aircraft of the USSR.

"Perm Engine Company" — Serial manufacturer of gas turbine engines for aircraft and industrial gas turbines for electric power and transportirovki gas.

"PMZ" is part of JSC "Management Company "United Engine Corporation" — 100 -% specialized subsidiary of OJSC "United Industrial Corporation" Oboronprom "for engine assets.

JSC "OPK" Oboronprom " — Multi-profile industrial and investment group established in 2002. Included in the Company "Russian Technologies". The main tasks include helicopter (JSC "Russian Helicopters"), engine (JSC "MC" UEC ").

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