How many people are killed by landslides?

How many people are killed by landslides? It is interesting

One of the professors at the University of Durham, D. Loop, decided to conduct an analysis of data on global mortality caused by landslides, and its variants, including landslides, rock falls and sinkholes. Created a special database containing detailed information on landslides and died for the period from 1 September 2002.

Map mortality.
Scientific work hinges, written on the basis of collected database, covering the period from 2004 to 2010. It takes into account these deaths are caused by landslides are not seismic character, that is occurring not because of earthquakes. Over the period from 2620 landslide killed 32 322 people. In addition to the database has a world map that identifies the location of all incidents.

If we analyze the list of the main geographical features, next to which most landslides are not related to earthquakes, the number of the most common will be:
• Southern suburbs Himalayan chain;
• South-West Coast of India and about. Sri Lanka;
• The southern and eastern coast of China (~ 100 km inland)
• Central China, mostly in the mountainous areas of Sichuan;
• The southern mountain range along the border of the Philippine Sea plateau;
• The central islands of the Caribbean;
• Highlands of Mexico to the north and to the northern border of Chile in the south;
• Indonesia, especially around and Fr. Java.

Picture of human deaths due to landslides in the past decade due to landslides.
Over the past 10 years by landslides killed 89 177 people, on average, each year, victims of landslides around the world are almost 9000 people.

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