I have long been their homeland was sworn … — Timur Avtandilovich Apakidze.

Timur Avtandilovich Apakidze was born March 4, 1954 in Tbilisi, Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic (now in Georgia). In 1955, he moved with his mother toLeningrad.

After the end of 8th grade school he entered the Leningrad Nakhimov Naval School, where he graduated in 1971. In the same year he entered the Yeiskoe Higher Military Aviation School of Pilots (EVVAUL) named Vladimir Komarov, after which in 1975 as a lieutenant sent to the Baltic Fleet as a pilot Guards separate maritime Attack Aviation Regiment. In 1983, Major TA Apakidze — deputy commander of the Guards Marine Attack Aviation Regiment of the Air Forces of the Baltic Fleet.
In 1986, Timur Avtandilovich graduated from the Naval Academy Grechko and was sent to the city of Nikolayev as commander of the 100th Fighter Regiment of the ship’s Center for Naval Aviation Navy, served in Saki (Ukraine).

July 11, 1991 during the testing of the Su-27K, held codenamed T-10 K-8, due to the partial failure of the system management Timur Apakidze was forced to bail out, the plane was lost. September 26, 1991 the first Russian naval pilots TA Apakidze landed on the deck of the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov" on carrier-based fighter Su-27K (also known as Su-33). All made more than three landings on the deck during the day and at night.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union because of fears of claims on the "Admiral Kuznetsov", with the direct participation of the TA Apakidze cruiser was secretly taken out of Sevastopol, and transferred to the Northern Fleet, and with it, the North extinct about 18 pilots and 100 engineering officers and technical staff of the 100th Regiment. 100th Aviation Regiment under the command of TA Apakidze refused to take the oath of allegiance to Ukraine. At the ceremony of taking the oath Timur Apakidze failed and said: "I am their homeland long ago took the oath. Military second time … do not swear. " He turned down an offer to head the Air Force and Georgia.

In 1992, TA Apakidze was transferred to a military airfieldSeveromorsk-3Northern Fleet and was appointed commander of the 279th Fighter Wing single ship in 1994 — a mixed naval commander Air Force Air Division of the Northern Fleet.

Decree of the PresidentThe Russian Federationfrom 17 August 1995 for the excellent development of carrier-based fighter Su-33 fighter pilot training for the cruiser "Admiral Nikolai Kuznetsov" Colonel Apakidze Timur Avtandilovich awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation with the award of "Gold Star".

In 1998 he was sent to study at the Military Academy of the General Staff. At the end of the Academy with the rank of Major General TA Apakidze appointed deputy commander of the air force of the NavyRussia. He continued to fly. Flown 3000 hours on 13 types of aircraft. He made 300 landings on the deck of the cruiser in the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the North.

July 17, 2001 during performances in celebration of the 85th anniversary of naval aviation at the Center for training and retraining of pilots of naval aviation inIsland Pskov regionflight TA Apakidze completed festive program. The pilot performed brilliantly all piloting the program on the Su-33, while landing a few kilometers from the runway the plane behaved unstable. Apakidze accept ‘flight control eject until the last second trying to save the plane. Su-33 fell near the villageCherepyagino.
By the arrival of the ambulance pilot, received multiple fractures and was in serious condition unconscious, was still alive. Timur Avtandilovich Apakidze died on the way to the hospital without regaining consciousness.

According to the state commission, TA Apakidze died "as a result of psycho-physical overload." The pilot shut off limiters limit the angle of attack and overload to perform complex aerobatics. As a result, during one of the maneuvers he experienced eight times overload and lost control of the car. In addition, before the performance he experienced heavy exercise — only in preparation for the celebration of his raid was 60 hours.

Timur Avtandilovich Apakidze buried at the cemetery in TroyekurovskoyeMoscow.
At the crash site of the Su-33, piloted by Timur Apakidze, a memorable character.

Natalia Gugueva documentary about the history of the national carrier aviation and Timur Apakidze. The film tells the story of the dramatic events of military fighter pilots Aerodrome NITKA in Saki (Ukraine) during the collapse of the Soviet Union, the re-taking of the oath, divorce in families on a national basis, and non-combat losses.

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