Iceland is preparing a powerful earthquake

Iceland is preparing a powerful earthquake danger zone

Residents of the northern part of. Iceland received an official warning that the region has increased the likelihood of a large earthquake. This conclusion seismologists analyzed the 20-year activity of the subsoil of the island, which is now home to nearly 320,000 people.

In a recent series of small tremors recorded at a depth of 20 km near the northern coast of Iceland one of the episodes had a magnitude of 5.6 points. Typically, these events are precursors to more serious seismic vibrations. Local residents are concerned about the upcoming prospects, although it is businesses and public services work in the usual way.
All support early warning statement seismologists, since it is in the north of the island are several heavily populated by Icelandic standards settlements. So, in Akureuri are about 17,000 people, and to a zone of high seismic activity from a total of 100 miles to the north.
Specialists in turn comforted the public that the majority of houses in Iceland are designed so that they can make the tremors about seven points. Within the walls of buildings may crack, but in general they stand.

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